Mindfulness-based Coaching and Mentoring



The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides personal mindfulness and mind-body coaching and mentoring to support individuals to reduce stress, reduce suffering and enhance well-being. 

Personalized coaching, provided by Mara Wai, Mind-Body Coach and Associate Director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness, combines foundational elements of mindfulness with specialized mind and body awareness tools to support you to:

  • apply mindfulness to a specific issue or stressor,
  • explore areas too personal or too intense to address in a group setting.
  • deepen your insight into and awareness of mind and body patterns that contribute to habitual “cycles of reactivity” including
    • typical beliefs or thought patterns that drive uncomfortable emotions and undesired behavior
    • the felt experience of emotions that “fuel” the cycle
  •  “disrupt” habitual reactivity cycle, and introduce greater ease and relaxation of body and clarity of mind
  • align your inner experience with your outer actions (what you want, with what you do)
  • create a more personalized, ongoing daily practice
  • Identify and follow-through with personal goals

For individuals with existing mindfulness experience, one-on-one mentoring and coaching is a wonderful way to personalize and support your mindfulness practice and personal growth.

Telephone or in-person sessions are available.

"Individual coaching with Mara has been an immensely helpful service to support bringing mindfulness into my everyday life. Mara has been consistently supportive, insightful and compassionate providing a healing space to deepen my practice, leading to living life in a wiser more practical way. I would highly recommend this service to anyone curious about the possibility of a more compassionate, simple and true existence." 


"During my sessions with Mara, we have been working on addressing the chronicity of discomfort from tinnitus and osteoarthritis. Mara has helped me to fine-tine and personalize my mindfulness practice to suit my needs. The encouragement and support I have gotten in a one-on-one setting works for me! I recommend this mentoring/coaching option to anyone who struggles as I did."
Joanna A. Vitale

Coaching with Mara was deeply rewarding and fulfilling. It helped me tremendously with regard to my meditation practice and how I travel in this life. Thank you!
Stephanie Hood


Should you decide to cancel your registered coaching session, fees are refundable up until 48 hours prior to the start of the initial session. After that date, there are no refunds.


Contact the program at 215-615-2774 or mindfulness@uphs.upenn.edu.

Please note that we do not accept registrations by phone.

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