Monthly Mindfulness Tele-Practice


While individual practice is essential to making mindfulness a part of our daily lives, group support strengthens our commitment to ourselves and deepens our understanding.  A community of practitioners offers support and opportunity for bringing mindfulness more fully into everyday life.

Our monthly mindfulness tele-practice sessions provide mindfulness practice and instruction and supports our community of practitioners to bring mindfulness more fully into everyday life. Sessions help you to continue with formal practice in a group with instruction from wherever you are.

Fees are refundable up until 48 hours prior to the commencement of each session. After that, there will be no refunds.

Monthly teleconference calls are recorded for asynchronous listening and include

  • Guided meditation practice
  • Instruction on adapting mindfulness to everyday life challenges;
  • Monthly topics to guide the application of mindfulness to real-life situations;

Facilitators: Bidi McSorley, MD, Mara Wai MEd 

Meeting Dates

2016 Tele-Meeting Dates

3rd Wednesdays

  February 17, 12-1pm
  March 16, 12-1pm 
  April 2012-1pm
  May 18, 12-1pm
  June 15, 12-1pm  
  July 20, 12-1pm (rescheduled to July 27)
  August 17, 12-1pm
  September 21, 12-1pm
  October 19, 12-1pm
  November 16, 12-1pm 
  December 21, 12-1pm 


Contact the program at 215-615-2774 or

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