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Thank you to the Education Committee of Mountain West Credit Union Association for their contribution to the development of this year's education program.


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Keynotes (Attend In-person or via Live Stream)

*The Art of Significance with Dan Clark
Successful people get what they want. However, individuals who live lives of Significance want what they get. Successful people identify themselves in terms of what they do and seek what’s impressive. Significant individuals identify themselves in terms of who they are and seek what’s important. In this powerful keynote, Dan makes sure your purpose is what you say it is, and that your influence is what you need it to be, so instead of merely continuing to follow the highly acclaimed business, leadership, management gurus you have been quoting for years, you become one of them!

You will leave Dan’s session with an inspiring understanding that some things are true whether we believe them or not; everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to the wrong facts; and that we shouldn’t believe everything that we think. You will be reminded that successful managers are efficient in "doing things right,” and successful leaders are effective in "doing the right things," but significant leaders relentlessly pursue a daily path of personal refinement and peak performance that creates and perpetuates both efficiency and effectiveness through obedience to the twelve highest universal laws of significance.

Strong at the Broken Places: Overcoming Adversity in the Digital Age with Josh Sundquist
We are working in an uncertain economy and a world that is changing faster than ever.   We deal with difficult members, complex problems, information overload, and smart competitors.  Josh Sundquist—bestselling author, motivational  speaker and Paralympian—will help change the way you approach adversity by strengthening your sense of humor, sense of hope, and sense of possibility.

Breakout Sessions

Fair Lending Basics for Volunteers with Kenneth Agle
The world of Fair Lending has seen fines and the Department of Justice referrals skyrocket recently….and those “cents" can definitely add up!  While only a small number of credit unions have faced Fair Lending examinations, the number is increasing and expected to continue, likely resulting in additional enforcement actions. Credit unions would be well-advised to make sure their volunteers are aware of how serious violations of Fair Lending regulations occur and what is involved in a fair lending examination. We’ll work on making sense of the various laws and regulations that comprise fair lending, what makes a credit union vulnerable, and what volunteers can do to help protect their credit union against violations.

*Getting More Strategic About Your Loan Growth and Profitability
with Celeste Cook
Credit unions across the nation have experienced nominal loan growth due to economic conditions that have resulted in high unemployment, increased bankruptcies, and a lack of consumer spending. Successful credit unions must be responsive to the needs of consumers and strategize to build a strong loan portfolio for long-term sustainability.  This session will explore what can credit unions do to build a solid, sustainable strategic plan to maximize quality loan portfolio growth and profitability.

Implementing & Maintaining a Successful ERM Program: Three Credit Union Perspectives, Panel discussion
with  Melia Heimbuck as moderator
Participants will have an opportunity to hear from their peers, representing a variety of credit union asset sizes, as panelists discuss ERM implementation at their credit union.  Topics will include a review of what has worked, what hasn’t, major trends and best practices in ERM as well as the role of management and board in the ERM process.

*Leadership Continuity – Not Just Succession Planning
with Scott Albraccio
While only 63% of credit unions have a CEO succession plan, less than 50% have a plan for the EVP position. Discover key plan components your credit union could be missing to prepare for top executive retirement or untimely departure. And learn why only having a contingency plan does not support leadership continuity at your credit union. A leadership continuity plan includes two key elements: a continuing education program and a supplemental executive compensation package. Ongoing, hands-on cross-training for key executives in all areas of your credit union is essential, and a plan to fill their retirement compensation gap that faces those in top positions. Understand how peer credit unions have used non-qualified retirement plans to enhance and leverage their succession plan. Hear the pros and cons different supplemental income approaches have to offer and how vendor due diligence can help you with regulatory considerations.

*Member Friendly Non-interest Income
with Ben Rogers
Non-interest income has become essential for the success of today's credit unions, but leaders rightly struggle to balance the necessary income with the needs of members. Ben outlines the results of a Filene project that explores how credit unions are growing non-interest income in ways that are transparent, freely chosen, and pay for services that add value to members.

*Protect Your Capital at the Capitol – The Corporate Leader’s Role in Building Political Influence
with Jeff Rendel
With the future of your business in the hands of elected and appointed leaders – corporate directors, executives, and managers have a duty to develop, nurture and uphold political relationships and influence. This particular undertaking for leading companies is not about election year politicking and favor-seeking. It is about ensuring that your corporate involvement is a standard feature in your state’s and our nation’s capital. The credit unions that play a part in the legislative and regulatory process the most hold the largest role in influencing business policy.

While lobbyists serve a vital purpose, legislators listen attentively to local business owners and managers who can make clear the effect a given law may place upon their business. You, the local executive, have influence with your lawmakers that greatly supports and strengthens the work of your industry’s lobbyists. Your individual participation advances and defends your commercial well-being. Your involvement in lawmakers’ understanding of your business is no longer an option – It’s a responsibility.

*We Have Seen the Future and it is Mobile
with Mark Sievewright
The rapid evolution of mobile finance – fueled by the proliferation of smartphones, changing consumer expectations and the entrance of non-traditional competitors - has sparked a mobile banking revolution that is an urgent call to action for credit unions. With competition continuing to mount and uncertainty growing around the future of payments (including the relevance of EMV), Mark’s presentation will focus on the opportunities and challenges that credit unions will face and how stepping-up the execution of mobile banking and payments strategies will allow credit unions to remain relevant and competitive in this rapidly evolving area.

*CPE Approved Sessions

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