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MPI Potomac CMP Virtual Preparation Class – Summer 2020

We are trying a new format for this class however hear what past participants of the in-person CMP Preparation Courses had to say about their participation:

The program was meaningful for two reasons. 1) The instructors brought the material off the page and breathed life into what can be a little dry. 2) Having a room full of other meeting professionals in the room with me to debate the issues and get their insights was invaluable when it came time to take the exam.

Darryl Diamond, CMP, Big Dog Events 

The MPI Potomac Chapter CMP Prep Course was amazing, and most likely the reason I passed the exam on my first attempt! The different instructors were very knowledgeable and even though we were reviewing everything provided in the book, they helped make it make sense. Having the instructors provide insight on their test experience and studying tips, in addition to a group of peers all trying to help each other succeed was the perfect environment to prepare me for the exam. All in all, I am extremely grateful I took the course, and do feel it gave me the confidence and leverage to pass and earn my CMP!

Joy McIntyre, CMP, Spire Conference Center


The CMP Prep Course was essential to me in securing my CMP designation. The classes provided an opportunity to learn and discuss issues with other meeting planners, ask questions of the leading experts, and it also provided a targeted framework for my studying and preparation efforts. As a result of attending the classes, I was able to successfully acquire the CMP designation – which is critically important for my professional development and growth in the events management industry.

Racquel Codling, CMP, American Moving & Storage Association

MPI's CMP Prep Course is a must for anyone studying for their CMP exam. The course provides you with tips and tricks for taking the exam, along with providing you with a great classroom setting of less than 20 people. The close-knit setting allows your questions to be answered not only by whoever is running the class, but also by your fellow colleagues in the industry. I took the exam 10 days after the course wrapped up and was not concerned at all because of the prep I had received for the last 10 weeks.  

Alexandra Herrera, CMP, Linder Global Events