NANOG 73 Wireless Network Information

We encourage all users to take advantage of the Wireless Network.  The access points should steer clients to the best band and channel. 

Wireless SSIDs:

NANOG - This is 802.1X secured using the below user:pass (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)

NANOG-legacy - This is an open, unencrypted network (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)

The login information for the 802.1x secured network is:

User: nanog

Pass: nanog

The legacy SSID is being provided as a courtesy in case of technical difficulties joining the NANOG network, primarily due to support of older software/hardware incapable of 802.1x.

If you are connecting for the first time, you may receive a notification that a valid certificate for is being presented as part of the 802.1x authentication. It is safe to accept and continue as long as you are presented with a valid cert for

NANOG will provide dual stack IPv4/IPv6 wireless coverage 24 hours a day in the meeting rooms and foyers, and in open seating areas.  Public areas are covered using a best-effort approach based on physical access and infrastructure. No NAT, translation, or capture technologies are in use, and there will be NANOG DNS servers offering DNSSEC capability.

NANOG Network Support:

The NOC staff will assist with any connectivity issues and answer questions. 

Support can be obtained by sending email to So that we are prepared to assist, we ask that you share your general physical location (meeting room name), MAC address, SSID, wireless channel, and contact info in your message.

We also appreciate any comments and/or feedback; don't hesitate to relate your experiences, both positive and negative. 

Hotel Wireless:

Individuals staying at the conference hotel and making use of the NANOG room block are entitled to free access to the hotel WIFI during their stay. Please contact the hotel front desk for details and for support.