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National Catholic Youth Conference 2019

National Catholic Youth Conference 2019


Questions & Answers

Question: What is NCYC?

The National Catholic Youth Conference is the celebration of Catholic youth in the United States. NCYC is organized by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry which is comprised of diocesan leaders and collaborating members from across the country. This conference typically draws up to 25,000 young people and adults from all over the country.
NCYC includes an amazing variety of opportunities for our young people to experience an encounter with Jesus Christ and His Church. There are large general sessions with nationally known speakers, music, and Mass. There are rounds of smaller workshops and opportunities for prayer. There is also an interactive thematic park for hands on experiences and the opportunity to mingle with teens from all over the country

Question: What is a Completed Registration?

"Completed Registration" is defined as:

  • All participants in group have been registered
  • Full payment has been submitted per participant/group
  • Waiver forms have been submitted for all participants including Chaperones
  • Safe Environment forms have been submitted for all Chaperones
Question: What time will we be leaving?

The National Catholic Youth Conference is November 21 through 23, 2019.  Leaving Chicagoland for Indianapolis Thursday November 21 in the afternoon.  We will return home from Indianapolis on Sunday November 24 in the afternoon.

Question: Where will we be staying?

lucas stadium convention center hotel
JW Marriot Indianapolis

10 SW Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Question: What is the name of the venue?

Lucas Oil Stadium and Indiana Convention Center.

Question: How will we get there?

The Archdiocese of Chicago coordinates all transportation to and from Indianapolis through one charter bus company. You do not need to book transportation for your group. We will have more information at a later time.

Question: What is the ratio of chaperone to teen participants?

Each group must have at least two adults for the first 10 teens, and one adult for each additional six.

The ratio for chaperones is as follows:

  • 1-10 teens: 2 adults
  • 11-16 teens: 3 adults
  • 17-22 teens: 4 adults
  • 23-28 teens: 5 adults
  • 29-34 teens: 6 adults
  • 35-40 teens: 7 adults

Question: Do chaperones need to take the bus or can they drive separately?

Chaperones need to be with their teen participants on the bus.

Question: What will we be doing?

NCYC includes an amazing variety of opportunities for our young people to experience an encounter with Jesus Christ and His Church. There are large general sessions with nationally known speakers, music, and Mass. There are rounds of smaller workshops and opportunities for prayer. There is also an interactive thematic park for hands on experiences and the opportunity to mingle with teens from all over the country.

Question: How much does NCYC cost?

Housing Costs:

  • $510/quad
  • $565/triple
  • $725/double
  • $1055/single

(Includes NCYC conference registration, bus transportation to and from Indianapolis, on-site medical professional, Archdiocese of Chicago gift, daily continental breakfast, one dinner in Indianapolis, staff support, pre- and post-events)

No transportation or lodging:

  • $400 (includes everything except hotel, bus and daily breakfast) 


Question: How can we make our payments?

Payments can be made by mailing a check or paying on our website using a credit card when you register.  Please make checks payable to Catholic Bishop of Chicago

In memo: NCYC 2019 + participants name

You can mail check to:

Department of Parish Vitality and Mission
C/O Chelsea Piper
3525 S Lake Park Ave
Chicago, IL 60653

***Please include participants names along with the check payment***

Question: What are the payment deadlines?

March 1 | Registration opens

March 8 | $100 Non-Refundable Deposit per person

April 25 | $150 Non-Refundable Payment per person

April 30 | Archdiocesan Financial Assistance Forms Due

June 27 | $150 Payment per person

September 20 | Remaining Payment due per person

September 20 | Last day to register for NCYC (hotel policy)

September 23 | All forms due to Archdiocese

  • NFCYM Adult/Youth Code of Conduct
  • NFCYM Adult/Youth Release Waiver
  • Archdiocesan Waiver
  • Safe Environment Compliance Verification Form (For all over 18 years of age)

September 30 | Final substitutions due to the Archdiocese (no charge)

October 1 | Cancellation Deadline

  • Penalty fees for cancelling between October 1-31: $250 Non-Refundable deposit + $40 NFCYM Cancellation Fee

October 10 | Hotel Rooming Lists due to Archdiocese

October 31 | Registration Deadline – Registrations will no longer be accepted

October 31 | No refunds possible after this date

Question: Does the Archdiocese of Chicago provide a scholarship for students in need?

The Archdiocese of Chicago is subsidizing a portion of everyone’s trip with money from the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign. We will also offer the opportunity for additional scholarships through filling out this scholarship application form. (Link) Scholarship applications will be due to by no later than May 30, 2019. Decisions will be made and communicated by June 17, 2019.

Question: What is Indianapolis time zone?

Indianapolis, IN is Eastern time.

Question: What are the forms we need to submit for registration?

1. NFCYM Code of Conduct--Please read, sign and return (both youth and adults)

2. NFCYM Release Waiver--Per NFCYM, this form will be available August 2019!*

3. Archdiocesan Waiver Permission Form Participation Agreement (both youth and adults)

4. Safe Environment Compliance Verification Form 2019 (adults only)-- To be filled out by your Site Administrator and submitted with the rest of the requirements.

All forms are required to be submitted by September 23, 2019. Forms can be submitted via email: or by mail to:

Department of Parish Vitality and Mission

C/O Chelsea Piper
3525 S Lake Park Ave
Chicago, IL 60653.

Your registration will not be completed until all forms and registrations are submitted.

*Once the NFCYM Release Waiver becomes available, it will be made available in multiple ways.

  • We will send the form in an email to those registered
  • Add the form to the Archdiocese of Chicago NCYC page
  • Form will also be made available on this registration site here under the forms tab

5. Rooming List-- Your rooming list is due October 10, 2019.

6. NCYC 2019 Scholarship Application--Scholarship applications are due April 30, 2019 to the archdiocese to be considered.

Question: What is the refund policy?
  • After registering for event yet canceling before October 1, $250 of amount paid is non-refundable.
  • Between October 1 and 31, $250 of amount paid is non-refundable plus a $40 cancelation fee from NFCYM incurred.
  • No refunds possible after October 31. Spots may continue to be transferred, pending available space. Transfers subject to late and substitution fees.


Question: How do I add an Adult Chaperone or Teen Participant to the registration page?

First registrant will be an Adult Chaperone.  Once registered, you will be able to click on the "Add Person" button.  In this field you will add either the Teen participant or the Adult Chaperone.

Question: How will hotel rooms be assigned?

Room Assignments
Our entire delegation will be staying at the JW Marriott, which is connected via skybridge to the convention center (this is the same hotel we had in 2017).
Rooming lists are due to the archdiocese no later than October 10, 2019. We use the following guidelines to help us determine lodging arrangements.
First and foremost, the preferences indicated by each group are taken into account. Ultimately, the JW Marriott makes the final decision about the exact rooms we will be staying in. We can guarantee:

1. Per hotel policy, no more than two parish groups can combine to fill rooms exclusively. If you do not have enough participants to fill your rooms, it is your responsibility to find a parish to partner with. If you do not have enough participants to fill up a room type, you will be charged for the number of participants in the room.
2. No teen will be assigned to a room with a door that leads to the parking lot or a courtyard (all doors must empty into the hall).
3. No teens will be in a room that is adjoined to a room with
i. Adults
ii. Teens of the opposite gender
iii. Hotel guests that are not from our group
4. When possible, members of a group are kept as close to each other as possible.

Question: What is the check in procedure?
Answer: Check in procedure
Depending upon the time of arrival in Indianapolis, all hotel rooms may not be ready for immediate occupancy. Luggage storage will be available.
Your patience and flexibility are greatly appreciated.
More information will be provided about the check-in process as NCYC approaches
Question: What items will we receive at daily continental breakfast?
Answer: Our hotel does not offer free daily breakfast to guests. We have arranged a deal with the hotel to have yogurt, granola bars, and fruit available in Griffin Hall each morning for our group. Each room is equipped with coffee/tea makers, as well as two complimentary water bottles daily for your convenience. There is also a Starbucks in the hotel lobby.
Question: Can we bring outside food to the hotel?
Answer: You may not order outside food to the hotel.
Part of the agreement with JW Marriott is to use their food vendors exclusively.
JW Marriott always provides exemplary service and wonderful accommodations. Your gracious compliance is appreciated out of courtesy for the hotel’s policies.
We will offer a pizza dinner as a group in Griffin Hall at the hotel the first night of the conference. More details will come out closer to the event.
Question: What can we expect from the Archdiocesan Team?

We are committed to supporting you in making NCYC a meaningful ministry experience for your teens. In order to help you focus on ministering to your teens throughout this pilgrimage, our team will provide the following logistical support:

Hotel supervision and security. Our team will provide people to walk the hotel hallways each night. Each room will be walked by about every 30 minutes. Please help us by ensuring your teens are all in their assigned sleeping rooms by midnight each night.
Medical care. The Archdiocese of Chicago is bringing a health manager on the pilgrimage to be responsive to medical issues with our delegation.
Credentialing and check in. When you arrive at NCYC, the archdiocese will have a space in the hotel for group check in. We will handle the event name badges, hotel assignments, and room keys.
Dedicated small group space. The archdiocese will have reserved space in the hotel in Griffin Hall for the entirety of NCYC, beginning at 7:00 pm Thursday night. While there will not be any formal programming, this space will be open for groups to use. To assist you in Safe Environment compliance, we ask that you host small groups, etc. in this space and not  in hotel rooms.
Hotel communication. We will correspond with hotel staff and address any room situations that may arise. If you have concerns with your room, please notify the archdiocesan staff. This allows for a seamless, friendly, and efficient experience.
Daily group communication. The archdiocese will endeavor to keep leaders informed about events that affect the group via text message. Please include your group’s cell phone numbers in your registration information.

Question: Is there an age requirement for Chaperones?
Answer: Adult chaperones need to be at least 21 years old and each group must have at least one adult chaperones that is 25 years old or older. Adults who are between the ages of 18 and 20 do not count as chaperones.
Question: What is the teen age NCYC is intended for?
Answer: NCYC is intended for high school teens (grades 9-12). Participants must be at least freshmen to attend. Each teen must register with a parish or school and each parish or school must register with the Archdiocese of Chicago. Registering with the archdiocese doesn’t mean your parish or school group members have to be with everyone from the archdiocese at all times, it is simply how the National Federation organizes the groups who attend.
Question: What is the criteria I should look for in a Chaperone?

Each group must have a designated leader who serves as the official liaison between the archdiocese leaders and their group (that’s you!). It is recommended that the parish youth minister serve as the group leader. The group leader needs to be responsible, responsive to communication, and promptly respond to deadlines both before and during NCYC.

Please be discerning in selecting the adult chaperones capable to assist you for this event. All participants will have long, active days that require patience, humility, and sincere faith. We want our adult chaperones to be positive role models. While all adults are helpful in keeping the teens safe, the adult chaperones who attend the trip are also responsible to help the teens grow deeper
in their faith.


Please ensure that all adults (anyone out of high school at the time of NCYC) that will be attending with your group have VIRTUS training and are safe environment compliant. VIRTUS sessions do not happen every day, please plan accordingly to sign up for this training in advance. Session information can he found here: 

Question: What are some fundraising ideas?
Answer: 1. Find a mentor/adult that can help you with raising money for the event. There may be a person in your parish who works in development who can give advice.
2. Host a Hire-a-Teen event. Parishioners can hire a teen or teens from the youth group to help them around the house (things like snow-shoveling, painting, cleaning, etc.) in exchange for a donation to the individual’s NCYC trip. This is also a great way for teens to get to know other people in the parish.
3. Ask restaurants and teenage venues like movie theaters, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and businesses (formal wear/bridal shops, florists, orthodontist, eye doctors, pediatricians, and funeral homes) for donations/sponsorships. Always ask for $75 and they may even give you$100. If you ask for too much you will be turned down.
4. Ask parish families for sponsorship in parish bulletins, many families are eager to support a church event.
5. Research stores or restaurants that have donation nights. Most will give 10- 25% off net revenue to your parish/youth program. All you need is to have your adult leader fill out an application, attach the parish tax exemption letter, and attend the event night. Places like Chipotle and Potbelly are great for this.
6. Have a garage sale where all proceeds go to the fund.
7. Have a game night or tournament where teams pay a registration fee. Events like trivia or a bags tournament can draw a lot of people and do not require a lot of set up.
8. Have a table set up at your neighborhood farmers market or block party event. Have a sign with the event and why you would like to attend.
9. Have a car wash or bake sale asking for a donation for the event.

Question: Will there be a letter from Cardinal Cupich authorizing school absence for NCYC attendance?

Yes, this letter will be sent to all group leaders after registration is complete, closer to the date of NCYC.

NFCYM also usually creates an excused absence letter for NCYC. In past this has been posted on their website,, closer to the event date.

If the schools of your teens require more documentation and your group needs help to write an additional letter, please contact us at We would be happy to assist you!


Question: Can I choose my own transportation?

Yes.  To opt out of Archdiocesan transportation enter "NOBUS". Unfortunately, due to contracting, by entering "NOBUS" option a bus cannot be provided for any who enter "NOBUS".

 A $50.00 discount will be applied for any who enter discount code "NOBUS".