Our next NBMC Workshop will be integrated into the 2015Flex Conference, February 23-26, 2015 in Monterey, California.  At that time, the entire body of work within NBMC and Bio-Sensors will be explored.  Plan now to attend!

Sensor Technology and Systems Integration for Human Performance & Health Devices

October 16-17, 2014
This one-day workshop (1/2 day of tours) focused on sensors and sensor systems in wearable devices designed to monitor health and human performance.  Both current and future technologies were presented by experts in their fields.

The integration and design of functional materials into useful sub-systems has become a challenge involving a myriad of advancing technologies and expertise, including, micro-fluidics, nano-bio molecular structures, advanced electronics, and many other areas.

The event was designed to reveal discoveries in all areas, as well as highlight ongoing research from universities, laboratories, and private and public sector companies.  It provided the opportunity to learn, share and plan for the future of sensors in our lives. The proceedings from the workshop are available for sale on the FlexTech website.  Visit www.flextech.org/reports

Workshop presented by:   
GE Global Research
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