This lab is designed to be hands-on and interactive so you can gain an understanding of how to effectively use MoneyGuidePro with your clients.  Let us coach you through case studies so that you leave with the knowledge of how to develop and present a meaningful financial plan – taking you from being competent to having confidence.         

The event will run from 8:30AM - 4:30 PM both days:

We begin the class by providing the attendees with a short, basic case study to enter into the system.  The instructor will walk through the case study with the attendees to acquaint them with navigation and some basic planning concepts.  As we progress through the class, more advanced case studies are provided to expose the user to the different levels of the planning process. 

The first day will end with a homework case study for attendees to enter on their own.  The second day begins with reviewing this case study and addressing any questions the attendees developed while entering the information without the assistance of the instructors. 

As the content continues an additional case study is then used to address more advanced topics.  Throughout both days attendees can enjoy the sharing best practices and ongoing Q&A with our staff, as well as share success stories of their own.

MoneyGuideLive will cover the following topics:

Zoomer Planning Concept

  • Data Gathering
  • Goal Sliders
  • Simple Social Security
  • Quick Investment Entry
  • Risk
    • Selecting risk score
    • Current Allocation
  • Results

Conversations – Switch to Retirement 

  • Personal
    • Expectations and Concerns
    • Retirement Period / Life Expectancy
  • Goals
    • Goal Entry methods
      • Picture
      • Data Gathering
    • Auto Goals
  • Money
    • Advanced Social Security
    • Investment Asset Entry Modes
  • Current vs. Recommended
  • Creating a recommended scenario
    • Social Security Maximization
    • Choices
    • Risk/Return
    • Buckets

Client Engagement 

  • PlayZone 
  • What Are you Afraid of?
  • Plan Summary
  • Star Track
  • Reports
  • Blocks

Day 2

  • Tax and Inflation Options
  • What If Worksheet
    • Detail
    • Modeling Scenarios
  • Risk
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability
    • Long Term Care
  • Executive Benefits
    • Stock Options
    • Restricted Stock
  • Estate Planning
  • Elite Overview
    • Secure Income Planning
    • Total Income Planning
    • Protection

Agenda Subject to Change

Lite Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks/beverages served throughout each day.