NGO Futures Spring 2018 Workshops

Lean Impact: Achieving Greater Impact at Greater Scale

Special 50% Off Introductory Pricing for this Pilot Workshop - only 30 seats available

 By 3/14     After 3/14 
 1st Registrant$650 $850 
 2nd Registrant$500 $650 
 Registrant from Org with <$20M Annual Revenue    $500 $650 

Who:  Senior program and technical leads (VP and director level) - people who lead teams to design and execute programs.

Led by Ann Mei Chang, former Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of the Global Development Lab at USAID, and author of the upcoming book Lean Impact.

What: An engaging two-day workshop to achieve greater program impact at greater scale through sector-adapted modern tools and approaches.

  • Learn techniques from Human Centered DesignLean StartupLean Data, and Mission Model Canvas – adapted for global development and humanitarian aid organizations by Ann Mei - to explore ways to understand and optimize for customer value, sustainable paths to scale, and development impact. These tools provide structure to think out of the box, dramatically accelerate learning, build business models that will scale, and drive a faster pace of change while embracing a measured degree of risk.
  • Develop practical, concrete strategies and steps for applying these techniques in existing context and constraints.

Participants will leave the workshop with new ways of thinking, a suite of new tools to design programs that deliver better results, and a greater network of peer connections.

When: April 30-May 1, 8:30 a.m. coffee, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. workshop, includes lunch.

Where: InterAction headquarters in Washington, DC (San Francisco too Oct 17-18 provided sufficient enrollment)

Why: This workshop is for you if you lead teams to design and execute programs and are seeking ways to achieve greater impact and/or scale in programs; need to diversify funding - non-traditional funders looking for greater innovation or different solutions; desire to transform your working culture to be more agile and iterative; want to build skills in using modern design tools & approaches; and/or want to better understand "beneficiaries" and how to most effectively address their needs.

In this wildly changing world, we can achieve greater program impact at greater scale.


Nonprofit Organizational Evolution - Civil Society Leadership Immersion Workshop

This is an expansion of the 2017 Leadership in a Permanent Crisis Workshop content and audience. Good Wolf Group provides the workshop at special pricing in commitment to our missions' success.

    By 3/14      After 3/14      Org with <$20M Annual Revenue
 1st Registrant           $1,275
 2nd Registrant$975$1,300
 3rd Registrant$750$1,000
 4th RegistrantGratisGratisGratis 

Who: InterAction member non-profit executives, their board members and senior staff. Multiple leaders from each organization are encouraged to attend, maximizing impact through collaborative exercises and shared language, tools, and accountabilities.

This workshop is a partnership between InterAction and Good Wolf Group, which was founded as the next evolution in leadership, business and personal development practice, dedicated to spreading two needed capacities in the world. First: the skilled leadership that is required to upgrade the limited and broken systems around us. And second, the personal capacity to align our individual core selves - history, talents, values, and passions - into a coherent model for decision-making and active engagement.

What: A two-day highly pragmatic, experiential, and methodological workshop for InterAction member non-profit executives, board members and senior staff. Participants will walk away with knowledge of short- and medium-term change goals - including their top three organizational change needs - and the strategies and action plans for how to make that change. Through this process, participants will internalize the skills and tools of nonprofit evolution for iterative, focused application.

Outcomes Include:

  • Diagnose specific organizational change needed at your organization after an examination of it's current realities; and narrow this to a list of three main goals ("The Shortlist").
  • Identify the change strategies for your Shortlist.
  • Determine who of your stakeholders - the partners, coalitions, board members, funders - needs to move where to help instigate the necessary change and create a mobilization strategy including priorities and sequencing of these players.
  • Acknowledge and plan for the specific leadership that is required of each individual, including self, to accomplish The Shortlist and any other identified change such as skills to deploy, narratives to craft and resources to use.

This workshop is tailored to the realities of our community. It is particularly timely and relevant given current uncertainties; and environment that will facilitate us growing and working together. Many of the tools included in the workshop are hallmarks of the Adaptive Leadership theory of change, utilized in the context of organizational change. For a sense of Alexander's perspective of Adaptive Leadership, you can read his related Harvard Business Review article.

When: May 3-4, 2018, 8:30 a.m. coffee, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. workshop, includes lunch. 

Where: InterAction headquarters in Washington, DC (San Francisco too Oct 15-16 provided sufficient enrollment)

Why: In the recent InterAction CEO survey, the critical need to evolve as nonprofits was universal. The challenge around how to evolve, and at what pace, was similarly universal. InterAction's new Nonprofit Organizational Evolution workshop is dedicated to helping us answer these questions as leaders with clarity and conviction. Amidst the immediate, ongoing, and often daunting challenges to Civil Society, places traditionally looked to for stability and support are being shaken. Participants will leave with a specific set of disciplines in addition to a community of support. It is time for new solutions, mobilization of coalitions, and strategic discernment. Nonprofit Organizational Evolution​ gets us there.

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