Ivan Boasher
Ivan Boasher has 29 years of experience in international and domestic fertilizer trading. He founded EuroChem Trading USA Corporation in Tampa, Florida and for the last 13 years was in the top management of the company. Ivan’s previous employments include 10 years with ConAgra and 6 years with ICEC.

In his trading activities Ivan was mainly focusing on nitrogen fertilizers, especially UAN. He acquired rich experience in dry product barge trading during the years, as well.

At the beginning of his trading career Ivan underwent an internship with Drexel Burnham Lambert at the Chicago Board of Trade which resulted in his article “Analysis and Prognostication of Prices in Commodity Trading” published in the Bulgarian magazine “Economic thought”, in August 1990.
David Kanter

David Kanter is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at NYU. His research examines new policy options for addressing nitrogen pollution and how to manage the transition to sustainable agriculture.

Prior to his current position, David was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The Earth Institute at Columbia University. He received his BSc in Chemistry and Law from the University of Bristol in the UK and his MA and PhD in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy from Princeton University.

Alexis Maxwell
Alexis Maxwell is Research Director with Green Markets and is originally from Illinois.

Prior to joining Green Markets, Alexis held positions in market research and sales at fertilizer producers SABIC and CF Industries. She also launched a satellite imagery startup focused on agriculture production at Lanworth (now Thomson Reuters).

Alexis received a MS/MBA in Agribusiness Management from Purdue University’s School of Agricultural Economics and Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business and a BA from The College of William and Mary.
Jason Miner

Jason Miner is a Senior Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, a unique research platform that provides context on industries, companies, and government policy, available on the Bloomberg Professional Service at BI . Mr. Miner specializes in global chemicals, including basic and diversified (e.g. BASF, Dow Chemical, Formosa), specialty (DuPont, AkzoNobel, Nitto Denko) and agricultural (Monsanto, Yara, Syngenta) chemicals producers.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, Mr. Miner was an equity analyst at Deutsche Bank, where he covered producers of basic, specialty and agricultural chemicals publicly listed in North America. He has also worked for New York Consulting Partners and Archstone Consulting (now Hackett group), leading procurement, inventory planning, and manufacturing redesign projects. Mr. Miner began his career as an industrial engineer serving middle-market private equity portfolio companies.

Mr. Miner earned his bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, and from the University of Manchester in the U.K. He later earned his master's degree in business administration from Columbia University. In 2009, Institutional Investor awarded Mr. Miner Honorable Mention in U.S. chemicals and in 2010 the Financial Times/Starmine ranked Mr. Miner the No. 2 stock picker in U.S. chemicals. Mr. Miner also is a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder.

Gary Schnitkey

Dr. Gary Schnitkey is a professor and farm management specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois. His activities focus on farm management and risk management. Farm management work has focused on examination of issues impacting the profitability of grain farms including corn-soybean rotations, machinery economics, and factors separating profitable from unprofitable farms. Examples of work are available in the publication Illinois Farm Economics: Facts and Opinions available on farmdoc (http://www.farmdoc.illinois.edu/manage/index.html). This work has lead to the development of FAST, a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that aid farmers in decision-making (http://www.farmdoc.illinois.edu/fasttools/index.html).

Risk management activities focus on crop insurance evaluation. Activities have focused on aiding farmers in understanding the risk and return tradeoffs of different crop insurance policies. Dr. Schnitkey is a co-developer of several on-line and and spreadsheet tools. Three of these are the 1) Ifarm Premium Calculator – a web-based tool that provides side by side comparisons of insurance premium, 2) Ifarm Insurance Evaluator – a web-based tool that provides risk-return evaluations of insurance products, and 3) Marketing and Crop Insurance Risk Model – a spreadsheet that evaluates alternative crop insurance and marketing strategies .

Other activities include conducting over 40 meetings with farmers on risk related projects over the past two years, preparing over 20 papers for popular outlets in 2003 through 2005, and authoring or co-authoring over 30 academic articles during his career.

Dr. Schnitkey grew up on a grain and hog farm in northwest Ohio. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University and a Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois . From 1987 through 1998, he was on faculty at The Ohio State University where he held a dairy farm management position. Since 1998, he has been employed at the University of Illinois .

Karsten Headshot.jpg
Karsten Temme

Karsten Temme is a passionate advocate for pragmatic and effective solutions driven by biology.

As the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pivot Bio, he is commercializing the world's first replacement for synthetic fertilizer, a nitrogen-fixing microbe made for modern agriculture.

Driven by a vision of a more sustainable food system, Dr. Temme co-founded Pivot Bio in 2011 and is now rapidly scaling this technology, making it available to U.S. farmers, while growing the company to include a diverse team of more than 70 highly dedicated, creative and driven innovators.

Todd Tranausky
Todd Tranausky is FTR’s Vice President of Rail & Intermodal. He previously was Argus’ North American transportation editor, responsible for overseeing the quality of Argus’ existing transportation reports and leading the company’s new product development in this area. Before he was promoted in January 2015, he was responsible for editing the weekly Argus Coal Transportation newsletter along with overseeing the Argus Rail Business publication that focuses on rail and shipper dynamics, critical rate data, rail costs, and regulatory and operational issues in the rail industry. Todd also assessed rail and barge rates for the movement of petroleum products for the Argus Petroleum Transportation Report.

A Philadelphia native and diehard Philadelphia sports fan, he graduated Temple University with dual degrees in history and journalism, Todd has also worked as a sports reporter covering double-A baseball in New Jersey before joining Argus.