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N-Serve Instinct 

Dow AgroSciences is committed to providing resources that increase productivity and do so in an environmentally sustainable way.

Fertilizer is one of a farmer’s most expensive inputs each season. It’s critical to protect and maximize this input. Instinct® and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers keep nitrogen available six to eight weeks longer for maximum crop growth and profit.

Over the past 40 years, more than 1,000 field trials and university studies have proven that Instinct and N-Serve work below ground to reduce nitrogen loss and deliver results. Instinct maximizes nitrogen when applied with UAN, urea and liquid manure. N-Serve works with anhydrous ammonia applications in both spring and fall.

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Many utility and industrial combustion sources nationwide are being highly impacted by the Boiler MACT, Area Source MACT, NAAQS, GHG, Utility MATS, Effluent Guidelines, and other regulations, therefore many major emissions issues are requiring careful consideration and impactful decisions. Thus, there is a myriad of pollution control concerns met with the need to satisfy the increasingly stringent environmental control regulations with the most advanced emission control technologies. MET’s patented and proprietary ammonium sulfate flue gas desulfurization (AS-FGD) process, a method for Zero Liquid Discharge, converts unwanted SO2 into a high-value fertilizer byproduct. The advanced technology is a unique solution, which provides guaranteed, long-term compliance, requires no chemical or by-product waste handling, and produces a high-value ammonium sulfate fertilizer by-product resulting in an ongoing source of revenue. While the AS-FGD system is the company’s flagship technology, MET is a full-service air pollution control technology supplier, specializing in particulate and acid gas control.

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