NJ ISACA's Spring 2017 CISA Review Course


The ISACA New Jersey Chapter is sponsoring a 3-day intense CISA® Review Course to provide an opportunity for individuals preparing for the upcoming 2017 CISA exam.  The review program has been developed to assist those who plan to sit for the CISA exam.  The 3-day review course focuses on the key points covered in the exam then followed by class practice questions and discussions.

Topics to be covered:

  • Domain 1—The Process of Auditing Information Systems (21%)
  • Domain 2—Governance and Management of IT (16%)
  • Domain 3—Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation (18%)
  • Domain 4—Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management (20%)
  • Domain 5—Protection of Information Assets (25%)

The instructor, Jay Ranade has both expert knowledge of the application topic and proven instructional abilities.


Bonus and Exam Support:

  1. 1. email Aaccess to instructor by email until 2 days before the final day of exam (June 28, 2017)
  2. 83 pages of written Q/A from previous 11 years
  3. 34 page CISA Cheat sheet
  4. 11 types of questions and DOs and DONTs
  5. Tips and hints
  6. Glossary of terms
  7. List of Acronyms
  8. Cryptography: 2 hours of recording (online only) free to all attendees
  9. Content-rich manual/course handouts consisting of about 640 foils and 786 Ranade CISA Axioms

Instructor, Jay Ranade, will answer any written questions received up until 9:00 AM on June 28, 2017.  Please note that although questions will be sent by individuals, answers will be emailed to all attendees registered for the webinar.  Identity of the question sender will not be disclosed.  Jay reserves the right to paraphrase the questions to enhance understanding.

This course is intended for individuals with experienced in IT control or audit or security professionals.  Accordingly this course will not cover IT control or audit related topics at a detailed level.

Course Materials:
Attendees are responsible for obtaining and bringing the following study materials to each class.

  • CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual, 11th Edition (Book Product Code QAE11ED) or CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database 12 Month Subscription (Product Code XMXCA15-12M)

The above materials will be referenced and reviewed throughout the course and these study materials are available through the ISACA's Bookstore.

The CISA EXAM Review Class is offered simultaneously in both Live Global Webinar and in Onsite classroom formats.  The Live Global broadcast webinar is available from anywhere in the World.

Webinar sessions are not being recorded - it's a live broadcast.  Exception will be made for those who cannot attend due to religious holidays.

You cannot switch between onsite and webinar sessions once decided/registered.

Webinar access instructions are provided 3 days prior to the first day of class.  For webinar attendees, you can also test if you are able to connect to the gotowebinar website by following the instructions here: http://bit.ly/1JvcdSy.

Language: English

Payment is required when registering.

Registering for this class does not automatically register you for the CISA exam.  Please register for the exam by logging onto ISACA international website, www.isaca.org/Certification/CISA.

3 Saturdays on May 27, June 3, and June 10, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

RSVP: May 27, 2017

  • Where

  • Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi
    34 Exchange Place
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07311

CPEs: 22* (Type: Auditing, Risk Management, Governance, Security)

* Continuing Professional Education Credits are estimated and based on the Continuing Professional Education requirements of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).  Actual CPEs (1 CPE credit for 50 minutes) are calculated based on actual Speaker Presentation times and attendance.

CPE credits will NOT be awarded for online Cryptography recording.  CPEs for CPAs may not applicable to webinar attendees.

Please note that ISACA now requires a more stringent monitoring of meeting attendance. Attendees who arrive late, leave early or are absent from the seminar room for extended periods, will have their CPE certificate adjusted accordingly.

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