Questions & Answers

Question: Will we have access to a computer and projector as part of our presentation?
Answer: Yes, the organizers will have a PC available in all meeting rooms. They will have standard Microsoft software, and will be connected to a projector and Wi-Fi. If you want to use your own PC or Mac, you are welcome to do so. For Mac users, bring a VGA adapter.
Question: Should we bring a memory stick with our slides on it?

Yes, please bring your presentation on a memory stick and have it copied to the PC in the beginning of the break prior to your session.

Question: How do I know if the payment of my conference fee has been recieved?

There will not be sent out a confirmation on payment. If your payment isn't recieved after the due date, you will be notified. So if you do not here from us, then your invoice is paid and registered.

Question: Do I need to register for the paper sessions?

No, you don’t. Plan you visit ahead and attend the sessions you want. The meeting room capacity is good, but we can’t guarantee that there will be no full sessions. If there is a session you do not want to miss – meet early prior to session start.

Question: May I pay with a credit card?
Answer: We do not accept credit cards at this NNDR conference. Invoice will be sent to your institution shortly with a 30 days due date.
Question: Do the NNDR or the organizers have any funding available for attending the conference?
Answer: The conference do not provide any funding. We recommend to look for sources locally or nationally.
Question: Do the conference have a reduced fee for PhD students

At the NNDR conferences, we have one flat conference fee for all and no student fee. The only exception is for personal assistants that pay a price that covers the costs of meals.