NYS AUA 118th Annual Meeting

Guest Tours  

Monday, August 30

Visit to the National Gallery & Portrait Gallery   $45 

The Scottish National Gallery displays some of the greatest art in the world, including masterpieces by Botticelli, Raphael, Titan, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Constable, amongst many others. The Scottish National Gallery comprises both the National Gallery Building and the Royal Scottish Academy Building. Both of these buildings, designed by William Henry Playfair, stand in the heart of Edinburgh.   



Tea Blending at Gladstone's Land     $95

Just a stone's throw from the castle, this 500 year old building is a towering testament to tenement life in Edinburgh's Old Town. Gladstone's Land was one of the first buildings that the National Trust for Scotland acquired, rescuing it from demolition in 1934. Today, Gladstone's Land shows how the wealthy went about their lives at a time when the cramped Lawnmarket was at the heart of one of the fastest growing, influential cities in the world.



Bike Tour     $135

Discover Edinburgh and its surroundings with our bespoke bike tour – glide through the Meadows, Holyrood Park, Portobello and come to a halt in Leith Links. Enjoy the scenery and wonders Edinburgh has to offer.

cycling in ireland

Tuesday, August 31   

Cooking Class     $210

Have all the fun of doing the cooking but none of the “pain” involved in washing up! As a part of a team, everyone cooks a fabulous three-course meal and learns some useful techniques.




Bespoke Hat Making Class at the Royal Botanic Gardens    $300

A unique opportunity to work with award-winning milliner Maggie Mowbray, who has designed bespoke pieces for the Royal family and celebrities. Maggie will guide you through how to each make your own stunning botanically themed crown, using the highest quality materials.



Harry Potter Magical Guided Tour    $45

Enjoy a Harry Potter themed walking tour across Edinburgh. See the city where JK Rowling found inspiration for the Hogwarts School of Magic, her famous characters, and discover the place where she wrote the books. Have your Harry Potter trivia tested with an audio-visual quiz, and earn points for your house.


Thursday, September 2

Spa Day at Cliff at Lyons     $240

The Well in the Garden is a luxury award-winning spa set in the beautifully restored Carriage House building. Reflecting the naturally sourced oils, salts and scrubs, our treatment offering was crafted to provide one-of-a-kind relaxing and nourishing experiences like Peat for the Feet, Hug of the Hands Massage and a Hot Towel Head & Scalp Ritual.

Treatments are paired with organic juices and smoothies by Cliff at Lyons chefs, produced on-site to nurture the body from the inside out.


Candle Making at Cliff at Lyons $240

This class will demonstrate how to make natural soy candles using beautiful glass containers or recycled tea cup sand quality soy wax to create environmentally - friendly vegan candles.

Participants can also decorate candles with dried flowers like German chamomile, French lavender, yellow calendula, etc.

Candle making  

Friday, September 3

Riverdance Musical      $250

A private and intimate Theatrical show consisting of traditional Irish music and dance with a score composed by Bill Whelan set in Bewley’s Theatre Café in Dublin.





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