The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention is excited to offer a 4-day Advanced Strangulation Course in San Diego, CA!

Strangulation ​has ​been ​identified ​as ​one ​of ​the ​most ​lethal ​forms ​of ​domestic ​violence ​and ​sexual ​assault. ​The ​Training ​Institute ​on ​Strangulation ​Prevention's ​Advanced ​Course ​covers ​an ​in-depth ​examination ​of ​handling ​strangulation ​assaults ​by ​multidisciplinary ​professionals. ​

The course will cover an examination of:
• The most current research on domestic violence and sexual assault strangulation crimes
• Medical signs and symptoms of strangulation assaults
• Long term consequences, delayed death, and fatal strangulation
• Investigative strategies, report writing, and interviewing witnesses
• Clinical documentation of strangulation signs and symptoms
• Strategies for advocacy and working with traumatized victims
• Development of local experts
• Use of experts in court, including tips for testifying

Attendees with have the opportunity to:
• View a crime scene and work in a multi-disciplinary team to investigate a strangulation case and prepare evidence for a mock trial
• Apply trauma-informed investigation and advocacy techniques
• Practice testifying as an expert witness and practice cross-examining an expert witness
• Submit a pending strangulation case for review by faculty and experts
• Develop strategies for implementing best practices in local communities
• Practice giving a 5-minute presentation on strangulation


Preference ​will ​be ​given ​to ​professionals ​attending ​as ​part ​of ​a ​multi-disciplinary ​team. ​All ​members ​of ​a ​team ​must ​submit ​an ​application ​in ​order ​to ​be ​considered. A typical multi-disciplinary team includes a minimum of four members from any of the following disciplines: law enforcement, medical (paramedic, nurse and/or physician), prosecutor, civil attorney, advocate (community and government), Family Justice Center Directors, Executive Director of DV or SA Coalition, Probation or Court Personnel, and/or Policy Makers.

The course will be conducted over three full days of 8:00am-:5:00pm and the fourth day will be completed at 12:30pm.
To get full credit for the course, attendees must complete the entire course.

Applications ​for ​the ​Training ​Institute ​on ​Strangulation ​Prevention's ​Advanced ​Course ​must ​be ​completed ​by ​August 17, ​2018. ​Submitting ​an ​application ​does ​not ​guarantee ​you ​a ​spot ​at ​the ​training. ​We ​will ​respond ​to ​accepted ​attendees ​by ​August 31, ​2018. ​If ​you ​do ​not ​hear ​back ​from ​us ​by ​that ​date, ​your ​application ​will ​automatically ​be ​added ​to ​our ​waiting ​list. ​Approved ​attendees ​must ​confirm ​attendance ​by ​September 14, ​2018. ​After ​this ​date, ​any ​unconfirmed ​seats ​will ​be ​made ​available ​to ​attendees ​on ​the ​waiting ​list. ​We ​will ​respond ​to ​those ​wait ​listed ​as ​soon ​as ​possible ​after September 14st. ​

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  • When

  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - Friday, October 19, 2018
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Pacific Time

  • Where

  • The Westgate Hotel
    1055 Second Avenue
    San Diego, California 92101

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