Who Should Attend:

The Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit (OGTS) offers a wide range of industry stakeholders both educational and networking opportunities intended to enhance their business development strategies and chances for success. 

Why should you attend? 

Animal Feed/Feed Ingredients Buyers

  1. The OGTS program offers a variety of learning opportunities to gain downstream knowledge on the livestock market and its potential impact on the feed industry. 

    • The OGTS Animal Protein Seminar, a one-day pre-conference event will provide outlooks on the cattle, hog, poultry, egg and dairy markets and much more by Informa Economics.
    • Plenary sessions will examine the outlook for the feed grain industry as well as explore strategies for addressing industry and other policy challenges.
    • Track sessions on the feed industry will examine trends in the feed industry that will affect both domestic and international markets.
    • Track sessions will explore growing opportunities in the domestic and international markets.

  2. Learn effective risk management strategies in the FCStone pre-conference risk management short course.

  3. Take advantage of opportunities to network with the entire supply chain and potential to conduct business and negotiate contracts with feed and feed ingredient originators. 

Vegetable Oil Industry Stakeholders

  1. Plenary sessions will discuss the outlook for the oilseed complex, as well as oilseed processing trends and the implications of major geopolitical and economic changes on the vegetable oils market.

  2. Tailored track sessions will highlight emerging food, feed and industrial applications for vegetable oils, including thorough coverage of the challenges that the biofuels industry faces.

  3. Additional content will offer upstream market knowledge on oilseed productions challenges and trends

  4. Networking events will allow for networking with delegates from throughout the value chain. 

Food Ingredient Buyers

  1. Plenary session will offer insight into upstream markets for commodity and food ingredients, including protein meals, corn, wheat and vegetable oils

  2. Learn about state-of-the art risk management strategies and  new market opportunities

  3. Network with the entire value chain and negotiate contracts with food companies and commodity and food ingredient originators. 

Transportation Professionals

  1. Dedicated breakout sessions on agricultural transportation, infrastructure and logistics will highlight the latest industry challenges, strategies to address them and opportunities looming on the horizon.

  2. Upstream market information on agricultural commodity and ingredient markets will help attendees understand the potential implications of impending supply and demand trends.

  3. Opportunities to network with the entire agribusiness value chain

  4. Learn about new domestic and international market opportunities. 

Trade Financing and Risk Management Professionals

  1. The Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit includes extensive content offerings on trade finance and risk management strategies, including:

    • The FCStone Short Course (free to registrants) on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 7.
    • Dedicated sessions addressing risk management at the OGTS main event, featuring leading risk management specialists.
    • Dedicated sessions on trade finance techniques featuring experienced ag commodity financing and trade professionals.
    • Sessions that examine emerging origination and destination markets.

  2. Opportunities to network with the entire agribusiness value chain.

  3. Potential to conduct business and attract new clients. 

Groups that attend this event

  • Oilseed, protein meal, vegetable oil and grain processors, importers, and exporters
  • Manufacturers of food, animal feed, biofuels and bio-based industrial products
  • Plant Operations/Management
  • Commodity merchandisers and buyers
  • Livestock, poultry, and aquaculture producers
  • Ports, freight forwarders, shipping/ocean line companies, transload/container companies, rail
  • Technology, equipment, and service providers
  • Plant operations management
  • Trade groups, government agencies, and academics

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