OIPA QuickGuide: Oil and Natural Gas Field Reference Clearout

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To celebrate the success of the OIPA QuickGuide Mobile App for both Android and Apple devices, the OIPA is proud to announce a sale on the original printed QuickGuide!

Produced by the OIPA in cooperation with BITCO Insurance Companies, the OIPA QuickGuide is a health, safety, and environmental field reference built for use under any condition oil field workers may find themselves in. The QuickGuide’s materials are high quality and both water and oil resistant with 147 pages organized into five topics: Incident Response, Pre-Work Assessment, Health, Safety, and Environmental. The information presented in this document is not unique; however, what is unique is how users access that information. Subjects are grouped together by their common usage, and are separated by tabs for fast, efficient access.

This document represents OIPA’s legacy of advocacy, and gives our members and their employees access to something they may not have had the means to access before. For those members wanting to provide their employees or their contractors with access to important safety information written in natural language, this QuickGuide is a great tool—it’s a document that has been created by safety professionals using industry standards and best practices, and it’s presented in a way that is easy to understand.







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