Questions & Answers

Question: What exactly is the OIPA?

The OIPA was founded by independent oil and natural gas producers, and the majority of our membership is still comprised of independents, both large and small. However, we are not just an association for producers and operators. Drilling contractors, service and supply company owners and managers, and royalty owners also comprise a significant percentage of our membership. Other members are attorneys, accountants, and other professionals whose livelihood is tied directly to the ultimate success of the energy producing sector.

Question: My company is not an OIPA member. How can we join?

Joining is easy: just visit our website at and click on the "Membership" tab. Individual memberships for your company or yourself are $350, and come with a multitude of benefits. Once you are a member, you are eligible for all of our discounted training rates.

Question: My company has an OIPA membership, but the employees I want to send through do not. Can they still attend?

Yes! As long as your company has at least 1 OIPA membership in good standing associated with it, you can send up to 5 employees through each certification training session.