What Credit Options are Available?

Credit options vary by workshop. For details, review the Credit Information section. Please check with your licensing board, accrediting agency, or human resources department to verify their acceptance of these credit types prior to attending a workshop.

What Materials are Included? What should I bring?

Workshop participants will receive a program kit and a folder prior to the workshop. These materials are required for the workshop. If workshop materials delivery cannot be confirmed, registration will be cancelled and refunded $495 ($550 for LiPS). Materials are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Gander Publishing offers a 10% discount to all registrants up to 30 days after registration or one month following attendance at the workshop.  

What record of attendance will be sent?

All workshop participants who complete the class will receive an attendance letter via email stating the seat hours, Lindamood-Bell CEUs, and course content within 10 days of the end of the workshop. Successful completion of a workshop requires full attendance (all scheduled hours) and participation for the entire duration of the workshop. Attendees must have their web camera turned on and all workshop materials accessible. Partial make-ups are not permitted.

The attendance letter is a statement of attendance and course content; it is not an evaluation or certification of a participant's skill with these programs. Further, attendance at one or more of our workshops does not create an express or implied license to train others to conduct clinics or workshops in our proprietary educational programs, or to certify any individual in the use or administration of our programs. All materials supplied with the Lindamood-BellĀ® programs are proprietary and cannot be duplicated, copied or distributed without the express, prior written consent of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes or the authors of the programs. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions concerning the use or implementation of our programs by third parties or download our Position Statement-Third Party Notice.

Participation in a workshop is not sufficient interaction to enable the participant to train others in the Lindamood-BellĀ® programs. 

What are the technical requirements?

Review technical requirements on the technical requirements page