Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology in Relation to Neuromuscular Dentistry

OMOP’s connection to Neuromuscular Dentistry is founded on the General Alarm Syndrome (GAS) of Selye which connects physiological stress with the HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary adrenal cortex). It is now recognized that TMD is intimately connected with subluxation of the upper cervical complex in which there is interruption of the neural pathways through the brainstem as well as torsional and ischemic effects upon the posterior arterial supply of the brain i.e. the vertebral artery which supplies the base of the brain including the hypothalamus which is the leader of the endocrine orchestra and autonomic outflow. From the standpoint of OMOP there are three major connections of the GAS  1) Alarm effects involving the autonomic nervous system ;  2) Adaptive actions of the HPA axis (involving the immune surveillance and endocrine systems with resulting  mucous membrane, endocrine and autoimmune conditions such as  Sjogren’s, .Pemphigus, BMMP, Behcet’s,lupus erythematosis,aphthous ulceration, lichen planus,Reiter’s ,lymph adenoid disease, scleroderma, temporal arteritis and their neurological,bone,muscle  and connective tissue diseases including their  malignant derivatives. The course will therefore include the latter  and their differential diagnoses  in some detail necessary for differential diagnosis ,treatment planning and prognosis  and 3)The stage of Collapse of all body systems including the endocrinopathies of the  thyroid, adrenal, gonadotrophins, diabetic , metabolic , systemic disease, ageing, immune conditions and their treatments including the 50 major medications.


Oral Medicine and Pathology are recognized specialties around the world. In the USA the subjects are included under the Board Specialty of Oral Maxillo Facial Pathology. The course will provide a basis for those wishing to continue to special LVI certification in the basic sciences Core Vll which includes courses in anatomy and physiology; oral pathology and medicine; pharmacology; TMD; Scan Interpretation and Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Patient.


Given that the aged patient presents particular difficulties in diagnosis and hence treatment undergoing NM dentistry it is strongly advised in addition to the prerequisites that Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Patient be taken or included in the basic medical science module which includes all of the above subjects.



Norman Thomas, BDS (Hons.); MB.BSC (Hons.Anat, Physiol); PhD (Oral Medicine); DDS; FRCD (Dental Science); Cert.O.Path; O.M.D; CMAc; DAPM; MICCMO;FADI



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Anatomy and Physiology


Scan Interpretation


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