Orofacial Pain: Diagnosis and Management

Many painful conditions exist comorbidly with TMDs. Among these are trigger points and 
migraine mimics. TMDs are a subset of the larger field of Orofacial Pain. Many orofacial pains 
are confusing to diagnose and effectively treat. Orofacial pains often have a sites they refer pain 
to that are far from the source of the pain. Diagnostic anesthetic injections are an indispensable 
tool for differentiating the source of pain from the site of pain. Injections of local anesthetic and 
other medications are often the first line of treatment for these confusing pain conditions. 
Other neuropathic pains require neurosensory stents and medications to treat. This course is 
designed to teach the most common non-TMD pain syndromes; how to diagnose and treat them 
to speed the recovery of your patients.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:
Differentially diagnose the most common orofacial pains seen in a general dental practice
Differentiate Direct Pain from Referred Pain and treat each appropriately
Understand Trigger points, Referral Patterns  and how to perform Trigger Point Injections
Differentiate between Dental Pain, Sinus Pain, Referred Pain and Neuropathic Pain
Diagnose Odontalgias and Neuromas; and treat them with Neurosensory Stents using 
compounded pharmaceutical ointments
Understand basic pharmaceutical management of  common Orofacial Neuropathic Pains
Discuss the armamentarium needed to diagnosis and treat conditions by injection
Give diagnostic and treatment injections



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