Osher Online - Winter 2021

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Course Documents

General Documents

Winter 2021 Semester Mailer


Monday Classes

"Heartful Living" Series

Week 1 - Who Am I? - Slides

Week 1 - Who Am I? - Recording

Week 2 - Eating Right - Slides

Week 2 - Eating Right - Recording

Week 3 - Exercise, Smile - Slides

Week 3 - Exercise, Smile - Recording



Travels With Sharon

Greece Reference List

Japan Reference List

Easter Island & Patagonia Reference List


American Presidents

Books on Harding

Books on Coolidge and Hoover

Books on Roosevelt


Tuesday Classes

H.P. Lovecraft and the Horror Story

Read for Week 1: The Call of Cthulhu

Read for Week 2: The Dunwich Horror

Read for Week 3: At the Mountains of Madness

Read for Week 4: The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath


Using Esoteric Data and Clues to Dig Deeper Into Your Family History

Course Documents


Poems by Survivors of the Holocaust and the Soviet Terror

Week 1 Handout

Week 2 Handout

Week 3 Handout

Week 4 Handout

Week 4 Handout (POSTSCRIPT)


Islam: Prophets for Our Time

Slides 1

Slides 2


Wednesday Classes

Reading Moby Dick

Course Syllabus + Optional Readings

Week 1 Questions

Week 2 Questions

Week 3 Questions

Week 4 Questions


Diversity in Romance Literature

Romance Milestones and Trailblazers

Vivian Stephens Article

Ted Koppel Interview - Janet Dailey, Vivian Stephens, 1983

2019 RITA Award Ceremony - What is Love?

Suzanne Brockmann Keynote - 2018 RWA Conference (video)

Suzanne Brockmann Keynote - 2018 RWA Conference (transcript)

A Short List of Diverse Romance Authors

Diversity in Romance Literature - Links


Thursday Classes

Capturing Your Past for the Future (Memoir Writing with Bill Clark)

Week 1 Writing Assignment and Submission Guide


Friday Value-Added Sessions

Potpourri of the Arts

Week 3 - Chart of the Gods

Week 3 - Myth Bibliography


Brown Bag Seminar Series

Week 2 - Recommended Viewing: "Company"

Week 3 - Being Mortal


Osher Café

Week 1 - Streaming Recommendations from Members

Week 2 - Vacation Stories from Members

Week 3 - Book Recommendations from Members

Week 4 - Food, Dining and Recipes from Members

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