John Adams
Lead Consultant/Northern Tier States
Mid-Atlantic Secure Milk Supply Project
Mr. Adams is a native Pennsylvanian, having been born and raised in Westmoreland County.  Active in 4-H Dairy Project work during his early boyhood, he graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Dairy Science and Animal Industries in 1964 and received an M.S. in Dairy Science from Clemson University in 1966, followed by advanced degree work in Food Science and Business Administration at the University of Maryland.  

In 2007, Mr. Adams retired from employment with National Milk Producers Federation having served 37 years representing the nation’s dairy farmers and Milk Cooperatives.  

Mr. Adams has held numerous national offices including Secretary-Treasurer of the National Mastitis Council from 1978—1992, a member of the Secretary’s Foreign Animal and Poultry Disease Advisory Committee from 1992-2005 and a member of the Homeland Security Food Sector Coordinating Council 2004-2007.

In 2014, Mr. Adams came out of retirement to become Lead Consultant for the Mid-Atlantic Secure Milk Supply Project.  This Project now covers 12 states from New York to Georgia.  The goal of the Secure Milk Supply Project is to prepare dairy producers, milk haulers and plant operators to implement enhanced biosecurity which will mitigate the risk of spreading Hoof-and-Mouth Disease (HMD) through milk movements in the event of an outbreak in the U.S.

Dr. Peter Bordi
Associate Professor of Hospitality Management and Director, Center for Food Innovation
Penn State University

Dr. Peter Bordi is an associate professor in the School of Hospitality Management. Founder and director of the Center for Food Innovation (CFI) in the Penn State School of Hospitality Management, he directs the only research-based food laboratory in the United States within an academic hospitality program-which, in turn has positioned Penn State as the leading academic institution in terms of food research. CFI's mission is clear-to develop research based protocols that lead to the creation of new, healthier food products/delivery systems that improve health, prevent disease and enhance lifestyles. Each research protocol begins by adapting industrial food science models; includes assembling multidisciplinary research teams and developing strategic partnerships with end-users (i.e., consumers, government, food/food service industry); and, in most cases, involves conducting double blind studies.

Pete's research focuses primarily on consumer acceptance of healthier, reduced-fat, trans fat free oils, Omega 3 oils, higher-protein food products. This research is part of a new scientific discipline integrating food and nutrition concepts that facilitate the inclusion of bioactive ingredients in food products in order to elicit specific health outcomes. It has long been understood that food ingredients in appropriate combinations offer potential and actual benefits for preventing/treating health conditions or diseases. To date, Pete has five products on the commercial market using healthy ingredients.

Peggy Good
QA Manager
Turkey Hill Dairy
Turkey Hill Dairy
Paul Hoge
Dairy Specialist
PA Department of Agriculture
Paul is a Sanitarian Program Specialist for the PA Department of Agriculture. He graduated from Penn State University in 1978 with a degree in Dairy Production. He served in the US Army Ordnance Corp following graduation and then gained work experience in dairy farming and dairy processing until joining PDA in 1985. He has worked in many areas of the Milk Sanitation program and most recently has been involved in the revision of PA Chapter 59. He works closely with representatives of academia, industry, and regulatory to help assure the safest and highest quality milk and milk products for Pennsylvania.
Michael Hydock
Chief of Laboratory Section
PA Department of Agriculture

Michael F. Hydock earned a BS in Animal Production from Penn State University in 1978. He was a QA/QC Manager in the private sector for 18 years. He became a PA Approved Laboratory Director in 1980. He has worked as an FDA Certified Laboratory Evaluation Officer since 1997 and Chief Laboratory Section of Food Safety & Laboratory Services since 2002.

Dr. Lydia Johnson
Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services, PA Department of Agriculture
Lydia Johnson was appointed Director of the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services in May 2011. Lydia served previously as the Assistant Director of the bureau for 3.5 years. Prior to her work at the department, Lydia, who is a registered and licensed dietitian, was the Director of Nutritional Services at multiple sites of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for more than 20 years and, more recently, was the Director of Food Services for the South Side Area School District. She also teaches online nutrition and management classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
Lydia obtained her Doctoral degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix, her Masters in Health Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Bachelors of Nutrition and Food Science from Mercyhurst College.  
Dr. Kerry Kaylegian
Dairy Foods Research & Extension Associate
Department of Food Science, Penn State University
Dr. Kerry E. Kaylegian provides technical support to the dairy industry and delivers outreach programs focused on improving the safety and quality of dairy products. Kerry directs courses on dairy HACCP, pasteurizer operations, cheese making, dairy basics for artisan processors, and fundamentals of food science. She assists with the ice cream and cultured products short courses. Her research focuses on improving the functional and nutritional properties of milk fat as an ingredient. Kerry judges dairy products at several national competitions and is coach of the Penn State Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Team. Her degrees are in Food Science with an emphasis on dairy products, she has a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Wisconsin, and a Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellowship from Cornell University.
Kerry Kaylegian
Steven Kurtz
Program Specialist
PA Department of Agriculture

Steve was raised on a dairy farm. He worked for Guers Dairy for five years before moving to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in weights and measurements, running the tank calibration truck. Steve accepted a position with Interstate Milk Producers running their tank calibration truck. Later he took a position with Interstate as an Approved Inspector. Steve then returned to PDA as a Milk Sanitarian, then Milk Sanitation Supervisor and currently a Program Specialist. He is married to his wife Kathleen, and has three sons and three grandchildren.

David Lee
County Extension Department Head
Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
David Pearce
Regional Milk Specialist
U.S. Food & Drug Administration

David covers the regions of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. He has worked in Food Safety since 1982 and with the dairy industry since the mid-1990's. David has conducted dairy evaluations and testing throughout the USA and countries in the Mediterranean, Europe, and South Africa.

John Piganelli
Sales Manager
Fristam Pumps
John manages all distribution, sales and service activities in the northeast US and eastern Canada. John also works closely with end users and large architectural & engineering firms on innovative pump and mixing & blending applications.
Having over 18 years of experience in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, John is a member of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) and MBAA (Master Brewers Association of Americas).
John’s wife and two teenage sons reside in northwestern McKean County.
Fristam Pumps
Amanda Rife
Regional Quality Manager
Land O'Lakes
Byron Shaffer
Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager
Kreider Farms
Kreider Farms
Dr. Hayley Springer
Graduate Student, Pathobiology
Penn State University

Dr. Hayley Springer joined the Veterinary Extension Team in July, 2016. She originally hails from Indiana County and attended Penn State as an undergrad.  After earning a Master’s Degree and DVM from Iowa State University, Hayley worked in mixed animal practice, and as a staff veterinarian for a large dairy.  After a time working in industry, she returned to Penn State to work towards a PhD in Pathobiology with a research focus on antibiotic resistance on dairy operations.  In May, 2016, she transitioned to a new role at Penn State as an Extension Veterinarian. She will be involved in Extension activities, research, and field investigations, while continuing her PhD studies on a part-time basis.  

Shawn Stevens
Global Food Safety Attorney
Food Industry Counsel LLC
Shawn Stevens is the founding member of Food Industry Counsel LLC, the only law firm in the world that represents the food industry exclusively.  

As a food industry consultant and lawyer, Mr. Stevens works throughout the U.S. and abroad with food industry clients (including the world’s largest growers, processors, restaurant chains, distributors and grocers) helping them protect their brand by reducing food safety risk, complying with FDA and USDA food safety regulations, managing recalls, and defending high-profile foodborne illness claims. 

Mr. Stevens also speaks regularly to audiences on a wide variety of emerging scientific, regulatory and food safety legal trends, authors columns for Meatingplace, The National Provisoner and Food Quality and Safety Magazine, and is quoted regularly by national media publications such as TIME Magazine, the New York Post, and Corporate Counsel.  
Jake Thompson
Member Relations, National Trainer
Land O'Lakes
Land O'Lakes
Brittni Treichler
Member Relations Technical Services Specialist
Land O'Lakes
Land O'Lakes
Cindy Weimer
Senior VP Industry Relations
American Dairy Association North East
David Wolfgang
Senior Research Associate, Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences
Penn State University
David Wolfgang is a field studies director, co-director of Center for Animal Care and Health, and an extension veterinarian. His areas of expertise include herd and flock diagnostics, biosecurity, emerging and zoonotic diseases, on farm food safety, and animal emergencies and disasters.