Personalized Precision Health Training & Education


  • Thursday, January 9, 2020
    7:00 AM  -  7:55 AM
    8:00 AM  -  12:10 PM
    Lecture Series
    • Current Technological Landscape of Personalized Medicine,
      Joseph Krieger, M.A.
    • Regeneration 101 - The Basic Science of Stem Cell Biology,
      Ian White, Ph.D.
    • Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapies,
      Todd Malan, M.D.
    • Introduction to High Power-High Dose Class IV Laser Therapy: A Non-Pharmacologic Option for Pain Management,
      Dr. Joseph Costello, DC, DABCO and Matthew Burks, M.D.
    • BREAK – Meet the Exhibitors
    • Applications of Genetic Testing in a Clinical Setting,
      Chad Yarbrough, D.C.
    • The Biochemistry and Role of Exosomes in Wound Care, Aesthetics, and Other Emerging Applications,
      Duncan Ross, Ph.D.
    12:15 PM  -  1:15 PM
    *Lunch and breaks included on both days – Times and agenda subject to change. For all travel plans: Please plan on course completion at 5 PM on Day 2.
    1:15 PM  -  7:45 PM
    Lecture Series / Demonstrations
    • Fundamentals of Personalized Precision Medicine: Gut Health, Bio Identical Hormone Therapy, and Neurological Wellness, Stephanie Clark, D.C.
    • Understanding the Legal Framework from a Regulatory Standpoint and What is Coming Next,
      John Bender, M.D.
    • How-to Implement and/or Set-up IV Therapies in a Clinical Setting, Brendan Cochran, N.D.
    • Break - Meet the Exhibitors
    • Regenerative Medicine Strategies for Aesthetics, Female and Male Health, Carmen Mora, N.D.
    • The Reality of Establishing a Successful Cash Pay Practice,
      Austin Crowder
    • Ozone Therapies and their Best Applications,
      Dennis Harper, D.C.
      • IV Therapy
      • Laser for Pain Management
      • Shock Therapy
      • IPS Discovery – Patient Data Management and Outcomes Tracking Software System
      • Hair Restoration and Micro Needling
      • Nutrition and the Importance in Your Practice for Positive Patient Outcomes
  • Friday, January 10, 2020
    7:00 AM  -  7:55 AM
    8:00 AM  -  12:20 PM
    Lecture Series
    • Neurological Applications for Patients,
      Shelly Jordan, M.D.
    • Nitro Medicine, Salaheldin Halasa, M.D.
    • Cannabis and its Impact Upon Opioid Addiction,
      Barry Morrison, D.C., DAIPM
    • Break – Meet the Exhibitors
    • PRP Essentials in Clinical Practice
    • Healthcare Professionals: Understanding Business Tools Used to Eliminate Lawsuits, Increase Tax Savings and Protect your License,
      Art McOmber
    12:25 PM  -  1:30 PM
    *Lunch and breaks included on both days – Times and agenda subject to change. For all travel plans: Please plan on course completion at 5 PM on Day 2.
    1:35 PM  -  4:40 PM
    Lecture Series
    • Stem Cell Treatment Along with Nutritional Supplementation Aimed at Improving Outcomes.Common Supplements that May Improve the Longevity of the Administered Stem Cells
    • Exosomes for Neurological and Terminal Diseases,
      Doug Spiel, M.D.
    • Break – Meet the Exhibitors
    • The Future of Medicine Now,
      Mark Aubry
    • Panel Discussion: Outcomes Tracking, Personalized Data Management in Functional Regenerative Management, Faculty