PerspECCtive: the 50th Annual ECC Conference

Breakout Forums

Capital Efficiency - Total Installed Cost (TIC) Reduction on future Mega Projects
  • Steve Wardle, Executive Project Director – Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC
  • Matt Key, Vice President Construction Operations – Zachry Group
A forum that looks at how industry can achieve lower total installed cost with a focus on construction and the engineering and procurement influences on construction performance and outcomes. This session will touch on the learnings from recent US Gulf Coast Mega Project build wave. Is there a new norm, or is there an opportunity? Where is the point where we achieve a win-win approach where both EPC and Owner organizations realizes their objectives? 

Predictable and Positive Construction Outcomes
  • George Stapleton, Director - Fabrication Operations – McDermott International Inc.
  • Thomas Hasold, Director, Operations - BP
  • Michael Day, VP Construction - KBR
  • Facilitated by: Kevin Sternitzky, Quality Director – BP
How do we leverage past practices to drive more effective Project execution practices, enabling technologies, and the right KPIs for successful Mega Projects?

This session will focus on improving Construction performance to drive predictable and positive outcomes through various aspects of the project lifecycle. To deliver predictable results through a consistent comprehensive approach and culture aligned to preserve project value. Areas that will be touched on that require step changes include Engineering for Construction, package management, Construction craft performance, Modularization and prefab yards, improved technology around construction execution, and KPI management. "

Game Changing Digital Transformation 
  • Suraj Ramaprasad, Managing Partner – Infosys Consulting
  • Facilitated by: Andre Nathan, Project Execution Manager – Chevron Phillips
Many industry executives and technologists ask if it’s worth investing in digital technologies to gather more raw data through “Internet-of-Things” sensors, drones or smartphones, when only 15% of data that is currently collected in upstream is even used. How much should firms spend on automation and artificial-intelligence (AI) applications, like chat-bots, to take over mundane administrative tasks, leaving staff to concentrate on higher-value activities? To what extent should they use the cloud to store and manage data? How much should they spend on big data analytics to intelligently predict future performance in operating equipment or predict delays in the delivery of raw materials through the complex supply chain? What are the longer-term implications to firms’ internal operating models, project funding and governance mechanisms, culture and KPIs to successfully adopt and scale such digital initiatives using ‘agile’ ways of working? 

Identifying opportunities and minimizing risks for disruptive outcomes - How Google continues to do more with less
  • Joelle Murphy, Senior Program Manager – Google YouTube
  • Facilitated by: Bo Stanley, Senior Vice President – Wood plc
What have the other industries done to further advance efficiency and high performing teams and how can this be leveraged in our industry. Is there a learning curve and a step change required for our industry to think outside the box? How did Google stay at the top while other entities weakened? 

A look at how Google helps its employees effectively manage projects to success, from tools to tips, identifying opportunities, scopes projects to minimize risk while launching, and iterates quickly to continue to disrupt the market.

Improving the Future of Construction Productivity
  • Todd Novak, Director of Construction and Fabrication Operations – Fluor
  • Randy Mill, Tiger AO4 Project Manager – Shell
  • Ira Samm, EPC Value Integration Manager - Bechtel
  • Facilitated by Jim Rammell, Vice President Operations - Wood
  • Presented by the ECC Future Leaders
Construction productivity on major projects in the process industries is declining, while productivity in other industries (e.g., manufacturing) has significantly increased. This trend has had substantial implications for our industry being able to achieve predictable and profitable cost and schedule outcomes for major projects. Most industry veterans agree – the blame for this decline in productivity does not reside with the front line craftspeople. 

This session will go beyond typical workforce development topics and will provide insight into the various techniques that can help improve productivity across three levers – people, processes, and technology.

Integrating Breakthrough Project Outcomes with World-Class Safety Performance
  • Mark Guest, Americas Region Managing Consultant – JMJ Associates
  • Eric Van Tol, East Regional Manager of EHSS – Chevron Phillips 
  • Facilitated by: Andre Nathan, Project Execution Manager – Chevron Phillips
How do we approach “Zero” in today’s environment, and in the work force at site? Is there another step change advancement using psychology, or other means that achieves our desired result for the next 50 years? 

This session takes a look back at how one project changed the mindset and approach to Safety by introducing a culture built around relationships and intention that subsequently drove the right behaviors and more efficient systems. 

Effectively Leveraging Big Data in Capital Projects
  • Josh Girvin, CEO – O3 Solution
  • Chris Dill, Vice President and CIO - Kiewit Technology Group
  • Jan Shumate, Director, Worldwide Engineering and Construction Services & Solutions - Eastman Chemical Co.
  • Facilitated by Cormac Ryan, Industry Business Consultant - AVEVA
  • Presented by the ECC Future Leaders
Data collection capabilities grow exponentially every year. As techniques evolve and the ability to transform large datasets into project metrics improves, our appetite for data may be outpacing our industry’s capacity to establish meaningful performance indicators. As data management has emerged as an established project discipline, have we managed data, or has it managed us? 

This session will explore current data management trends in capital project execution and other industries to present how and where data are best measured and managed to provide business focused performance outcomes.

Onsite Leadership: Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future 
  • Thomas Hearn, Manager - Major Projects Galveston Bay Refinery - Blanchard Refining, LLC (a subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Company)
  • Matthew Morehead, Post-baccalaureate in the Construction Management program – University of Houston
  • Facilitated by: David Senko, Vice President, Construction – SNC Lavalin
Site Leader qualities and methods have evolved over the past decades to what it is today. How do we prepare our leaders of today for what lies ahead in the next decades as transformation continues? 

This session will include a panel of site managers from the past and present that will speak to how emerging technologies and the changing of times affected their management style on the project, what was done to accommodate, and what transformations lie ahead the next 50 years that need to be embraced to be capital efficient and successful. 

Fully Leveraging a Diverse Workforce: Achieving Step-Out Project Outcomes While Building a High Performing Team 
  • Niall McCormack, Vice President Exploration – BHP
  • Facilitated by: Andre Nathan, Project Execution Manager – Chevron Phillips
How do we create an environment that is Inclusive so that we can realize the power of Diversity and improve the outcome on projects? We spend hundreds of millions of dollars on analysis and our projects, how do we truly assess the merits of the opportunity? How do we ensure that we have the perspectives of the best minds at the table? How do we attract, retain and promote the best, regardless of background? A look at how a range of experiences and perspectives of the best people drive the best results.

How is the Change Affecting your Change? 
Change is inevitable - most change efforts fail, make yours successful!
  • Doug Dierking – University of Texas: Dr. Dierking is the Assistant Department Chair and a Distinguished Senior Lecturer and in the Management Department at the McCombs School of Business, the University of Texas at Austin. His specialties include change leadership, organizational design, leading people and organizations, global management, and the art and science of negotiation.
  • Gregory Sills – Leading Projects, LLC: Greg brings an owner’s perspective and extensive change leadership experience from his roles as VP Major Projects at BP, VP Upstream Developments at Marathon, and Chief Transformation Officer for the Danish national energy company.

Everything is changing: organizations are changing from regions to sectors, centralized to decentralized, and large M&A integrations are still being finalized. This interactive forum will focus on organizational change, but the ideas and tools will be useful for anyone leading or being effected by a major change of any kind - strategy, organization, work processes, or any of many other change agendas. Whether you’re an owner, supplier, or contractor – chances are you are either leading change, participating in it, or just trying to survive it. This forum will explore leading edge best practices, common pitfalls and missteps and, and how everyone involved can be a positive leadership force for a successful change regardless of their position in the organization. Learn and contribute through discussion of examples, templates, and new ideas with your peers and external experts.

The Automation Innovation Tsunami
  • Peter Zornio, Chief Technology Officer – Emerson Automation
  • Jason Urso, Chief Technology Officer – Honeywell Process Solutions
  • Don Bartusiak, Chief Engineer, Process Control - ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
  • Facilitated by: Matt Burton, Business Operations Leader and Management Consultant
New automation technologies and digitization will continue to transform the global landscape, driving companies toward greater productivity – but the true winners will be those that leverage these innovations to transform their overall business performance, project effectiveness and workforce. This Forum will discuss how organizations are utilizing these innovative technologies to successfully navigate the “digital transformation” landscape, such as, automated workflows, mobility, decision support, upskilling and change management to achieve optimal safety, production and lower costs.

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