PerspECCtive: the 51st Annual ECC Conference

From its inception, the mission of ECC has been to provide a forum for owners, contractors and suppliers to discuss the issues facing the industry, improve communication and progress the development of solutions that improve project predictability and performance.

One of the ways ECC is able to fulfill its mission is through the support of our generous ECC Sponsor companies. Being an ECC Sponsor company brings additional benefits such as recognition at the conference and throughout the year and participation in the Future Leader Program. This year at the ECC conference, we will once again host a pre-conference Strategic Issues Workshop for sponsor companies.

Sponsor Only Workshop: Pre Conference

Win Togther to Share Success Now
The ECC Sponsor’s Only Session is a unique forum to engage in productive dialogue between owners, contractors, and suppliers on ways to advance our industry. This year’s sessions will align with the overall conference theme of “Win Together to Share Success NOW”, by collaboratively exploring the ways to drive to an aligned business model that delivers capital projects that successfully balance the competing objectives of predictability, competitiveness, and profitability.

The August Sponsors Only Session will focus on tangible, near term activities that support the overarching objective of achieving a "Win Together to Share Success Now!" outcome. The topics to be covered in this interactive session include:

1) MEGlobal America’s Ethylene Glycol project, which achieved field performance significantly above current norms. Highlighted by strong leadership, from both the owner and contractors, and a return to solid construction management fundamentals, this project was able to achieve a level of success not seen since the 1990s.

2) The challenges and opportunities of improving craft labor and supervisory competency as part of a comprehensive effort to improve field performance. Discussions points to include evolving efforts to establish best practices in labor competency certification requirements and contractor / owner sponsored training efforts.

3) Ideas on how to truly achieve competitive designs by driving a "one team" behavior model. Recent examples from successful industry efforts will be reviewed.

Please plan on joining us for what is planned to be an exciting discussion on recent successes and outcomes which help us deliver projects which "Win Together to Share Success Now!"

web-working-group-3This format will be a hands on workshop/facilitated breakout session. The results from this meeting are planned to be presented to the entire ECC Audience.

Participation in the Workshop will be offered to all 2019 ECC Sponsor companies. Participation will be on a first come – first serve basis with a maximum of 50 companies being allowed to participate. There will be additional selection criteria applied to ensure a balance between owners, contractors, and suppliers and a limit of two (2) participants from each company.

Since this will be a working session, participants should be actively involved in projects and should not have working-groupsbusiness development as their primary role/job title. This is not intended to be an opportunity for business development networking or sales of services. The workshop will be on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 starting with introductions and a kickoff presentation at 1:00pm continuing until 5:00 pm. There will be no additional cost to participate in this session, but you will need to pre-register as space is limited.  It will be listed as an optional item during registration so please choose this IF you are a sponsor and are designated as one of the 2 from your company.
Please note FUTURE LEADERS can NOT participate in this session as it conflicts with the Future Leader Working Session. If you are a Future Leader, please do not register for this. 

How to Register

Again, this session is restricted to Conference Sponsor companies. You can register online by choosing this under the “OPTIONAL ITEMS” during registration. Please be sure you have been chosen as one of your company’s two (2) representatives to attend. Each sponsor company may only send 2 attendees to this session, so please confirm before you register. Again, participants should be actively involved in projects and should not have business development as their primary role/job title. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tara Wilson at or 713-337-1600 x1.

2018 ECC Conference Sponsors

Thank you to this year's Conference Sponsors. Each of the Confirmed Sponsor Companies may send 2 representatives to this workshop. 


(Thank you to those organizations for thier early support of ECC! They are able to engage early in the Future Leader Program and Sponsor only Events. The spring Future Leader Conference and Sponsor Only Workshops are set for March 2019.)

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