PerspECCtive: the 51st Annual ECC Conference

Win Together and Share Success NOW!


The Capital Projects Industry has been facing demanding market pressures which drive aggressive costs and schedules while project complexity has been increasing.

Are we building more than we need?
Can risk allocations be better balanced?
Can the supply chain be simplified and become more transparent?
Can we achieve more competitive projects with cost/schedule certainty?

The need to drive to a more collaborative and aligned business model that delivers capital projects with multiple and competing objectives of predictability, competitiveness and profitability is the clear objective. This year’s conference looks at the path to improving trust and transparency with collaborative relationships and appropriate risk allocations between Owners, Contractors, and Suppliers for a shared team success.




  • When

  • Wednesday, August 28, 2019 - Saturday, August 31, 2019

  • Where

  • The Broadmoor
    1 Lake Avenue
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Warning regarding Hotel Room Calls
Please note, we are NOT making outbound calls about hotel reservations. 

If you get a call, it is from an UNAUTHORIZED agency, it is a scam and is NOT associated with ECC in any way, even if they infer they are. Please make your reservation securely by calling the Broadmoor directly and tell them you are attending the ECC or book online via the link provided on the hotel page here. We and many other associations have been fighting this scam for several years...please protect yourself by not sharing any information with anyone who calls you to assist with hotel booking for ECC.


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