Physiologic Lab Technician Techniques for Technicians and Dentists

The principles presented in this course will provide technicians with the skills, knowledge and techniques to successfully comprehend the neuromuscular components and meet the new demands of the rapid growth of neuromuscular dentistry. Doctors implementing NM principles to treat their patients demand physiologic restorations and orthopedic appliances. These appliances can only be fabricated by properly trained dental technicians who understand these simple, scientific, and proven bio-physiologic concepts. The neuromuscularly trained dental technician is an essential part of the elite LVI Dental Team.

Topics Mastered

  • The difference between CR and NM in the lab
  • Managing myocentric occlusion
  • Properly mounting cases for Full Mouth Reconstruction success
  • Fabrication of a Myocentric Bite Orthotic, transfer bite, NM pre-operative wax-up, temporary matrix - the LVI pre-operative neuromuscular package
  • Applying the NM concepts in your diagnostic wax-ups
  • How to guide your doctor to the perfect mounting
  • The importance of micro-occlusion
  • Mounting and fabrication of a NM anatomical orthotic
  • The secret of neuromuscular occlusion

All graduates of this course will have their contact information placed in all Doctors’ Neuromuscular course materials.


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