Physiologic Occlusion with Ashley Johnson

In Office Consultation with Ashley Johnson


After taking LVI’s Occlusion I and II many doctors want to implement what they have learned, but come back to a heavy schedule, and are only able to implement a portion of what they were exposed to. Some doctors have experienced a lack of confidence or do not have sufficient time to teach their team, so they revert to doing things the way they always have. If you find your practice suffering from this dilemma, the solution is to have Ashley Johnson come in to your office to work with you and your team, using materials, equipment and surroundings which you are familiar with, and assist you with employing systems with a track record that has proved successful.  


Topics Mastered

  • Dental signs and symptoms.
  • How can your staff talk with your patients if they don’t understand what these are and how and why they need treatment?
  • More importantly, what happens if left untreated?
  • The importance of the bite
  • Hands-on TENS demonstrations, taking the bite and mounting models exercise
  • The system, muscles  -  joints  -  teeth
  • How to take and pour quality impressions
  • How and why you should study “Study Models”
  • Diagnosis, treatment planning and presentation
  • Each phase of treatment, why it was chosen and what will happen if it is not done


You will be amazed to find out how interested your team can be. How they will find an unbelievable amount of work that needs to be done on your existing patients and they can talk to the patients about it. As an immediate result of that alone, your case acceptance will go up. 

  • Where

  • LVI Global
    9501 Hillwood Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
    888-584-3237 or 702-341-7978