Precise Coordination, Extraordinary Results – Planning Successful Client Events


Event planning is probably something that you have been asked to take on at least once, and probably more often than that! This makes sense, if you think about it, since client relations and business development are closely tied to events. Seriously, what better way to get your technical staff in front of your clients and prospects than to have them give technical presentations? Add to that some free food, drinks, and interacting – and you end up with a magical combination called a successful event!

Join us as we discuss not only tips for planning client events, but how to take your client events to the next level! You’ll learn how to implement efficient, scalable processes to be able to develop event programs to meet your firm’s needs. Planning successful events not only allows your marketing team to hone their digital marketing skills and improve relationships with the technical staff, but it also helps you contribute in a meaningful way to your firm’s business development efforts. Repeat after me: precise coordination, extraordinary results. Come find out how to get started!

Learning objectives:
  • Develop an organized project management system to effectively execute technical seminars and conferences from inception to completion.
  • Identify opportunities for business development through event coordination.
  • Perform primary and secondary market research to develop carefully curated technical content, resulting in optimal event attendance and attendee engagement.
  • Refine digital marketing skills and increase event ROI through audience targeting, precise budgeting, event collateral design, and post-event tracking and follow-up.









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