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Precision Oncology to Guide Immunotherapies and Targeted Therapies

We will offer a series of lectures on various topics surrounding precision medicine, including general genomics, cancer genomics, bioinformatics, clinical trials research and general updates in the field. We will also offer discussions in the immunotherapy and targeted therapies field, including case study examinations.
This CME program is intended to:
1.Enhance knowledge in precision medicine and associated topics such as cancer biology, general genomics, bioinformatics, computational sciences and clinical trial research.

2.Cover the use of immune and targeted therapies and their impact on precision oncology and clinical care.

3.Teach physicians and staff new content relevant to their practice that will inform and improve the quality of clinical care.

Belfer Research Building Rooms 302 A/B/C/D
413 East 69th Street
New York, New York 10021 USA

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Registration Deadline
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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