PrimeSpeak Leadership Coaching Program

PrimeSpeak© Leadership Program

Advanced leadership and communication training for the whole practice


Most dentists would be thrilled if they could lead a team to manage all of the elements of the patient’s experience, leaving the dentist to concentrate on clinical work. The PrimeSpeak© Leadership Program ensures that the dentist becomes a communications expert first, and then creates a team that can support the quest for maximum efficiency.


Running a practice requires proficiency in various systems and skills. In reality, operating systems (recall, scheduling, financial, etc.) can be explained relatively easily, but these systems break down because there are deficiencies in the leadership skills necessary to implement the systems.


This innovative program uses workshops to deliver both systems and unique communication techniques, as well as coaching to enhance the implementation and leadership involved. Its focus is on perfecting each point of contact the patients have with the practice, and on enhancing the leadership qualities of the dentist.


There are three components in the PrimeSpeak© Leadership Program:


1) WORKSHOPS: Ten, two-day workshops are delivered in the first 30 months. Some are for the whole team, some are for dentists only, and some are for team members responsible for specific systems. The workshops are held at LVI Global.


2) WEB-BASED REPORTING: We have developed our own Web-Based Reporting system that underpins everything we do, based on metrics gathered from the practice. On a daily basis a team member uploads relevant practice information which is converted and analyzed by a dedicated coach. This monitoring enables you to help make incremental changes to maximize performance and prevent problems. Daily reports available include:  Practice reports, Clinician reports, Practice benchmarks.


3) COACHING: Your dedicated coach will expose you to the current unfiltered reality of where you are now, where you are heading and when you will get there. Coaches will also help develop an annual plan, with goals for production and expenses to track throughout the year.


The objectives of this program are for the participant to be able to:

∙ Have an individual annual plan and comprehensive understanding of its importance to the success

  of your practice

∙ Utilize the skills-practice of the entire new patient exam using patient records including models,

  radiographs and photographs as taught by the PrimeSpeak® team

∙ Utilize a change model detailing the various stages of change

∙ Have learned what drives the behavior of your team and your patients and how to address their


∙ Utilize techniques that will maximise the rate of conversion of phone enquiries to patients

∙ Implement the 12 core elements needed to attract, focus and keep the most

  talented employees

∙ Be aware of your MBIT preferences, areas of strength and possible areas of  


∙ Utilize new interpersonal and problem solving skills that are required to achieve

  effective solutions

∙ Identify areas for potential embezzlement and how to prevent it occurring

∙ Have completed a SWOT analysis of your practice and then conducted a cause

  and effect analysis of your opportunities and threats


Each workshop has a complete outline and set of course objectives which will be made available to participants.



Phillip Palmer, BDS

Anita Roubicek








Three-Day Seminar




each workshop

AGD Code 550



“The material and information is stellar, and when you add that with coaching… it is an unbeatable combination. They take time to look at your goals, help you refine them, give you a plan, teach you how to achieve it and then coach you monthly along the way. All I have to do is show up, make some effort, learn some new tricks and I win – big time!”

Dr. Brad Durham, Georgia

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