PrimeSpeak LIVE Program

PrimeSpeak LIVE

Now the most revolutionary training of your dental career is accessible direct from your office.

Introduced at the PrimeSpeak 3-Day Seminar, PrimeSpeak communication skills are a paradigm shift in conventional dentist mentality. We teach a method that is rejection-proof and never has you feeling like you are selling anything. Our many testimonials from top clinicians will attest to the fact that this is a relaxed, no stress system that is incredibly powerful in getting patients to urgently want optimum treatment. The PrimeSpeak LIVE program is aimed at integrating the PrimeSpeak communication skills across your practice. This is done through the following services.

PrimeSpeak LIVE provides:

  • Not just communications training, but business, leadership and team skills training using real-time conference calls allowing you and your team to interact in workshop-style classes;
  • Our unique coaching experience to help ensure you can implement these skills;
  • Our groundbreaking Dental Photobank;





Please note, there is no ‘locked-in’ period. You can leave the program at any time.



Terms and Conditions


Scenario Training and Team Training

1.     Scenario training entitles you to attend to 1 new patient exam Scenario Training session per month.

2.    Each client is only entitled to have one terminal (computer and telephone) attend an online session

3.    The material you hear in the scenario training is the intellectual property of PrimeSpeak LIVE and is not to be recorded or reproduced without the consent of PrimeSpeak LIVE.

4.     Train as many team members as you like. The fee is per-terminal (1 phone line, 1 computer). A separate fee is applicable for an additional terminal location.

Coaching Services

1.       Coaching services includes: access to PrimeSpeak LIVE’s online tracking and reporting tool (Web-Based Reporting), one coaching call per month, one annual plan per year and one staff questionnaire per year.

2.       PrimeSpeak LIVE takes reasonable steps to maintain secure and up-to-date information protection systems. Any information that we obtain is stored on secure servers protected in controlled facilities. By submitting information online, you accept the risk of unauthorized access and agree that PrimeSpeak LIVE is not responsible for the illegal, fraudulent or prohibited acts of third parties in relation to the transmission and storage of confidential information. As a policy, PrimeSpeak LIVE does not and will not share client information with any third party company.


1.       Billing date is the 30th of the month prior.

2.       Notification is required 2 weeks prior to the billing date if you wish to discontinue.