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Montana Nonprofit Association's Principles and Practices
for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana is made up of two publications: 


Guidelines and Resources:
 This 40-page publication is a comprehensive guide that sets forth principles, as well as legally required and organizationally recommended practices for all aspects of nonprofit leadership and management. The guide is available for free as an interactive PDF. To download your copy click here

Self Assessment Tool: The Self Assessment Tool is intended to assist nonprofit staff and board members in identifying priorities for implementation of the Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana. The assessment also gives organizations a method for measuring progress. The interactive PDF Self Assessment is available for free to MNA Members and available to non members for $10. MNA members — contact MNA to request your copy. 

Hard Copy: The Principles and Practices publications are available for purchase. Cost for MNA members: $5 per set (+$5 flat shipping fee). Cost for non-members: $20 per set (includes shipping). Maximum order size: 10. To order more than 10 sets of the publications, please contact MNA.

More information: To learn more about MNA and the Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana, including online resources, please click here




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