Process Safety Management Conference 2019

ABB / Energy Institute Conference Workshop

Human performance integration into the safety management system

ABB will be hosting a workshop in conjunction with the Energy Institute (EI) on 6th November in advance of the annual ABB PSM conference on 7th November.
The focus of the workshop will be to examine how human performance should be integrated into a typical safety management system.

 in conjunction with theEnergy Institute

Industry understands and accepts the need to manage Human and Organisational Factors (HOF), and is willing to use the right tools and build the right knowledge to manage human performance. However, it is unclear what the best way is to integrate the management of HOF into existing safety management systems. Options range from ‘shoehorning’ in HOF as an afterthought, to adopting a brand-new management system - and everything in between. In practice, this has led to difficulties in managing HOF as part of ‘business as usual’.

The workshop will analyse the 20 elements of the EI PSM framework for Process Safety Management, under the 4 key areas - process safety leadership, risk identification & assessment, risk management and review & improvement, in order to understand how human performance is being managed andwhere in the safety management system this should be covered. The aim is to establish ‘industry best practice’ that will provide a readily usable report outlining ways of helping companies integrate human performance management into their safety management system.

Who should attend
The workshop is open to operators and EI members - primarily senior management, process safety professionals and individuals involved in implementation of PSM processes. The workshop is free to attend, there are 50 places available, typically allocated on a first come, first served basis but we reserve the right to limit numbers from any one company / location for fairness.

Venue: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh
Date: 6th November
Time: 10:00 - 16:00