Process Safety Management Conference

Sustaining a chronic sense of unease.
It has been said that not having a serious process safety incident is no guarantee that it couldn’t happen tomorrow, and yet complacency is perhaps one of the greatest threats to preventing these life and business threatening events. Setting a robust policy and developing best practice PSM systems are essential key steps on the journey towards controlling risks, as are identifying Major Accident Hazards (MAH) and implementing barriers to provide adequate prevention and mitigation. The remaining challenge for many companies is maintaining these barriers in a healthy state during a period when serious incidents are rare and other businesses pressures can start to dominate.

This conference will provide an opportunity for leaders representing all sectors of the process industry to share their experience of developing a process safety culture which sustains a ‘chronic sense of unease’. This culture needs to permeate from the board level to grass roots operations and maintenance staff, all understanding their role in maintaining key barriers, and prepared to make ‘strong responses to weak signals’ when process upsets and barrier impairments are identified.

Main themes:
- Maintaining the momentum for change in process safety
- Developing a culture which makes ‘strong responses to weak signals’
- Avoiding complacency by engendering a ‘chronic sense of unease’
- Developing an organisation that learns from itself and others
- Using performance metrics to effectively drive improvements

Please note: there is an optional conference workshop and dinner held on the previous day (23rd November 2016). It is not possible to attend the workshop and dinner only.

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The conference is organised in conjunction with the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) and features key industry guest speakers who will present their views on the sector’s challenges and their experience. The HSE will also present their latest view. This year’s conference will be covering the challenge of sustaining a chronic sense of unease.

Chemical Industries Association (CIA)
The CIA is the UK’s leading trade association for the chemical and allied industries. The UK chemical Industry is the manufacturing industry’s number one exporter with an annual trade surplus of almost £5Billion and £2Billion capital investment. To remain competitive and be sustainable in the longer term the industry needs to continuously improve its process safety and manufacturing performance.

Who should attend
The conference is aimed at executives and senior managers of high hazard plants, process safety professionals and managers involved in implementation of PSM processes.

Optional conference workshop and dinner

Leadership summit workshop
Let’s discuss the challenges.

The conference workshop will be held the day before the main conference. The workshop will provide an opportunity for process safety leaders to have open peer-to-peer discussions with like-minded leaders, managers and specialists from other organisations, identifying good practices and opportunities for improvement.

The event will include structured discussions and workshops on the topics of ‘Greatest challenges in Process Safety’ and ‘Preventing the next Buncefield’. A pre-work self-assessment of these areas will be provided ahead of the conference and will be used to share progress and to seed discussions on good practices and common areas for improvement.

Workshops will be run to explore the challenges of developing relevant corporate matrices and how do you create a chronic sense of unease - which is difficult to measure.

The main themes from the workshop will be distilled, made anonymous and presented at the beginning of a short discussion session during the main conference. The discussion session will give all delegates the opportunity to give their views on the topics described. Please note that there are limited places available at the workshop.

Conference dinner
The complimentary conference dinner, held on the 23rd November, is an opportunity to meet the speakers in a more informal atmosphere.

  • When

  • Thursday, 24 November, 2016
    8:45 AM - 4:45 PM

  • Where

  • Grange City Hotel
    8-14 Cooper's Row
    London EC3N 2BQ
    +44 (0) 20 7863 3700