Process Safety Management Conference

Keeping safe whilst losing corporate memory?

The high hazard industry has spent many years building a good process safety culture, building PSM systems and learning from incidents. COMAH 2015 consolidated the learning from incidents requirement. But are we now facing a new risk of the loss of corporate memory as large numbers of experienced people retire and frequent changes of ownership become commonplace? How do we find a way in which the knowledge a company has built up about “how we work around here” can be translated into systems, or achieve better ability to give the wisdom to other people?

The conference is organised in conjunction with the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) and features key industry guest speakers who will present their views on the sector’s challenges and their experience. It will address how do we preserve and consolidate our corporate knowledge at a time when industry is continually changing and becoming leaner, and how do we set about achieving better standards in future?

How do you assure yourself that process safety will continue to be well managed in your organisation?

Do you have ways to embed corporate memory into effective process safety:
- Policies, procedures and practices
- Risk assessment techniques
- Performance indicators
- Behaviours and leadership

The conference will:
Show the importance of safety leadership and culture in delivering an effective PSM system
- Provide operator experiences of delivering world class PSM programmes
Highlight experiences of developing a structured PSM suite of management and
Highlight the importance of human factors and the impact of managing successful

Who should attend?
The conference is only open to operators and is aimed at executives and senior managers of high hazard plants, process safety professionals and managers involved in implementation of PSM processes. The conference also provides an excellent opportunity to network with peers in industry and regulators.

For a copy of the Conference Brochure, Click Here!

Conference dinner
The optional complimentary conference dinner, held on the evening before the conference is an opportunity to meet the speakers in a more informal atmosphere.

Leadership summit workshop
Due to the success of the workshop style leadership summits in the previous two conferences, we intend to run this again on the afternoon of the 21st November.
See 'Leadership summit workshop' tab for more details.

  • When

  • Wednesday, 22 November, 2017
    8:15 AM - 4:30 PM

  • Where

  • Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel
    200 Westminster Bridge Road
    London SE1 7UT
    +44 (0) 844 415 6790