Random Acts of Writing

This event is closed. If you have any questions, please contact the event planner directly.


Come to an exciting seminar about writing. Learn best practices for writing proposals, websites, news releases and emails. Kick your writing skills up a notch by concentrating on the assignment at hand: Are you focusing on the reader or just on your firm? Are you placing the most important stuff at the top? Can a reader comprehend your message or have you written above her/his head? Roll up your sleeves, open your laptop and learn how to make your marketing prose sing.

This is an interactive program that requires a laptop and word processing software!  Please bring the appropriate items to maximize the benefits of this program.

Light breakfast will be served.

Learning objectives:
  • Learn to focus on the reader, not on the firm. Write you more often than we.
  • Win more proposals because you have written more clearly than your competitors.
  • Begin to edit your own writing, making sure that every document is as short as possible. 
  • Brush up on a few forgotten – but essential – rules of grammar.

Presented By:


Susie Perloff

Susie Perloff teaches adults to write better nonfiction. and that’s the truth.  She has been teaching adults since 1988. Putting good words after other good words, stringing them into sentences and paragraphs. As a friend says: wrestling words to the ground.

Yes, she writes, too. Today writers often call themselves content creators and copy architects. You could call her that, too, though she prefers the more straightforward writer. When she entered the University of Pennsylvania, the men’s daily thrived and the women’s weekly trickled along. Early in her sophomore year, Penn allowed women to join the Daily Pennsylvanian (DP). She was one of the first 9 women to join and the only one to stay through graduation. 

A full-time, self-employed freelance writer and editor, Susie has written websites, e-newsletters, annual reports, proposals, training manuals, corporate histories and more.   Her byline has appeared 150 times in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in more than 100 other periodicals. She has won 4 national writing awards. 




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