Reflections on the Kingdom - A Pilgrimage to Rome with Fr. Martin Connor, LC

Reflections on the Kingdom
A Pilgrimage to Rome with
Fr. Martin Connor, LC

Chaplains & Pilgrimage Coordinator


Fr Martin Connor, L.C.

Fr Martin Connor is a Legionary of Christ priest living and working in Atlanta since 2010.  The legionaries are the priestly branch of a bigger movement called the Regnum Christi – founded in 1941 to help Catholics become more deeply committed to the faith and be confident as missionary disciples in the world!

Born in Baltimore MD,  one of 8 kids,  Studied Philosophy at Boston college before entering the Legionaries in 1990.  Ordained in 2001 and is currently working in Atlanta as the Southeast Director of the Regnum Christi movement supporting marriage and family life.

Fr. JM Head Shot.jpg
Fr. Jacobo Muñoz, L.C.

Fr. Jacobo Muñoz was born in Madrid, Spain. He joined the Novitiate of the Legion of Christ in Salamanca, where he did his first four years of formation to become a legionary priest. In Rome, he completed a Masters Degree in philosophy in the Gregorian University and a Bachelor Degree in Theology in the Atheneum Regina Apostolorum. After his priestly ordination in 2002, his ministry was focused in the formation of seminarians in Medellín, Colombia and New York, USA. He served also as Territorial Director in Italy and France and served in Washington DC for 6 years doing pastoral work and serving as the Locality Director.  He currently is assigned in Rome in the formation of Transitional Deacons. 

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Cristina Tallent

Cris, a member of Regnum Christi, is a history major, has lived and traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East and China. She incorporates this rich travel experience in preparing this faith-based itinerary and accompanies the pilgrims as they set out on this spiritual journey.

After living in southern Italy for four years and driving up and down the peninsula many times, Cris has an intimate knowledge of the land, its people, its history and its language.
"It's always a fabulous and well organized adventure when you travel with Cris!"