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Welcome to the RETELL Registration Site for cohort year 2014-2015. Only those eligible to register for the no-cost SEI endorsement courses can register here.

Please read through the topics on the left side navigation links. Start at the top and work your way down. Answers to many of your questions can be found there. As you move through the registration process, you can always refer back to these links for more information by either clicking the "Cancel" button or using your browser back button.

Please read the pre-registration requirements carefully before proceeding. As explained in the requirements, you will need to have your MEPID and district voucher code in hand prior to registration. Instructions on where to find this information are provided in the same section.

When you are ready to register, click the "Register/Complete Registration Now" link at the bottom of this page.

Important reminders

Courses listed here are only for core academic teachers with at least one ELL in their classrooms and for principals, assistant principals, and supervisors/directors who supervise or evaluate these teachers (collectively referred to as "administrators"). On some occasions, these teachers and administrators will be referred to as "eligible educators."

Eligible educators will have one no-cost opportunity to earn an SEI Endorsement by enrolling in one of the ESE-sponsored SEI Endorsement courses. To determine if you are eligible to enroll, click on the left link entitled, "Who is eligible to register?" Please remember: If you have already obtained an SEI Endorsement, you may not register for an SEI Endorsement course.

By self-enrolling, you can select the course that works best for you. When you enroll in a 2014-15 course, the Department assigns you to the 2014-15 cohort year, which ends on August 31, 2015. Once you are assigned to a cohort year, you must earn the SEI Endorsement by the conclusion of the cohort year, or subsequently, you will not be able to advance, renew or extend your license until you obtain the SEI Endorsement.

We anticipate that due to high demand for courses this year, some educators may not be able to find open seats in SEI Endorsement courses. If you register and later find that you do not have an ELL in your classroom, please cancel your registration immediately. This will free up a seat for others who need to register.