Rigging Gear Inspector & Lift Director/Critical Lift Planning: Nisku, AB

This event has been cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact the event planner directly.


This event is comprised of two optional sessions:

  • Rigging Gear Inspector Course
  • Lift Director & Critical Lift Planning Course

    Participants may elect to take one or multiple sessions during the registration process.

    Rigging Gear Inspector Course Overview

    ITI’s Rigging Gear Inspector Program is designed to increase the knowledge, efficiency, competency and skill level of wire rope and rigging gear inspectors. During the classroom sessions, participants will learn the applicable Provincial and ASME removal criteria.

    Each participant must score a minimum of 85% correct on the written exams and pass the hands-on inspections to successfully complete the program.

    Course Length 
            3 Days

    Program Sessions
    • Wire Rope
    • Wire Rope Slings
    • Synthetic Web & Roundslings
    • Alloy Chain Slings
    • Rigging Hardware
    • Below-the-Hook-Lifting Devices

    Classroom sessions are followed by and reinforced with hands‑on inspections of wire rope and all rigging gear. Written exams are administered and hands-on inspections are conducted. Those participants who successfully pass the exams receive a 3-year ITI Level I Competency.

  • Participants attending this program will gain significant and useful inspection techniques and skills, and a greater understanding and appreciation of the removal criteria requirements and responsibilities of rigging inspectors.

  • Level I - This program meets the applicable Provincial and ASME requirements.

  • Level II - The Level I Inspector whose employer confirms their inspection qualifications and experience in each specific subject area will receive a 3-year Level II Competency.

    Lift Director & Critical Lift Planning Course Overview

    Lift Director

    The Lift Director Course provides participants with the knowledge to conduct mobile crane and rigging operations according to the responsibilities as outlined in ASME B30.5-3. The course outlines the skill set that should be in place and areas of responsibility of the Lift Director, including how the Lift Director is selected, what his/her tasks are and to whom he/she is accountable.

    Course Length
     1 Day

    Program Sessions 
    • Lift Site Preparation
    • Traffic Control
    • Load Chart Confirmation
    • Responsibilities of:
      • Crane Owner & Crane User
      • Site Supervisor
      • Lift Director
      • Operator, Rigger, Signaler
    • Hazard Recognition
    • Multiple Crane Lifts
    • Lifting Personnel

    Critical Lift Planning

    The Critical Lift Planning Course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to properly develop and execute a lift plan. The course highlights the data, the assignments and the procedures that the Lift Director must manage.

    Course Length
     1 Day

    Program Sessions 
    • Load Affirmation
    • Crane Verification
    • Rigging Confirmation
    • Work Site Approval
    • Pre-Lift Checklist
    • Load Schematic/Rigging Method
    • Load Travel Path/Personnel Placement
    • Load Handling Sequence and Procedures

    The course will conclude with the participants writing, presenting and executing a lift plan according to the procedures they developed.

  • This program meets the applicable Provincial and ASME B30.5 requirements.


  • When

  • Monday, October 28, 2013 - Friday, November 1, 2013
    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Pacific Time