Risk Management in the Comprehensive Practice - Essentials for Operating in a Litigious World

Dental professionals operate in a world where litigation is common and managing risk in the practice becomes absolutely essential. Proper record keeping and documentation are key to avoiding the dangers however, thorough patient communication is critical. This one-day program will provide you with the necessary tools in record keeping and patient communication to avoid litigation and if litigation does occur, insure a successful outcome.


This course provides guidelines to avoid record keeping mistakes. Gain insight to a lawyer’s perspective about what the opposition would love to see and not see when combing through patient records. Prepare for a malpractice case including testimony tips for deposition and trial. Review real-life cases.


The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

•  Prepare thorough and appropriate patient records

•  Recognize what to avoid in record keeping

•  Capture appropriate photographic and K7 records

•  Understand the fundamentals in both written and verbal patient communication

•  Utilize real-life stories to prepare for potential problems

•  Discover eight attorney techniques for cross-examination

•  Learn the medical-legal guidelines for testifying

•  Recognize the profile of a typical plaintiff

•  Understand the anatomy of a malpractice case

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