RUF Summer Conference brings college students together at the end of the semester, eager for relaxation, fellowship and teaching near the white sand beaches and sparkling blue water of the Gulf of Mexico.


Explore. Engage. Enjoy.

Summer Conference is a time for maximum growth with God and your friends. Nobody goes home the same as when they came! 

A Journey Worth Taking 

Driving? Please access the "Get Driving Directions" link above.

Flying? The closest airport to Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center is the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP). Student are responsible for arranging transportation from/to the airport, approximately 14 miles away. Your campus minister or intern may be able to assist you.

Besides Friends, Please Bring:

Pillow and bedding (sheets, blanket or sleeping bag), personal towels and a beach towel, casual beach clothes and a swimsuit, sunscreen and personal toiletries like soap and shampoo, and personal medications. If you wear glasses or expensive sunglasses, we recommend wearing croakies in the water at all times. There is one dinner night out so you might want to bring something to wear for that evening although restaurants at the beach are casual places. Bring a notebook and a Bible if you have one.

Putting your name on everything ensures that you can find your stuff when its sitting next to the other 1000 people's stuff that's just like yours. Just saying.

Extras to Bring Spending Money For

We appreciate Logos Bookstore Nashville's Ken Najar for providing opportunities to review and purchase books that can provide additional study and discussions.

Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center has a coffee/ice cream shop, a snack shop and a gift shop for between meal cravings and souvenirs. 

Low on cash? Talk with your RUF Campus Minister about available scholarships/financial aid. 

Free t-shirt with all registrations!
Shirt size guaranteed for all registrations before April 10!