RUF SuCo 2019 Week 2

Mission North America's Disaster Relief


First Presbyterian Church, Panama City

First Pres Panama City 

Damage to First Presbyterian Church Panama City, Florida cause by Category 4 Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018

Students given an opportunity to help the people of Panama City in a tangible way while at SuCo in 2019 


If there is one thing John Brown has learned, it's that you never know what God has for you just around the corner. From a January trip to work with 17 RUF students from the University of Kentucky came the opportunity to impact over 2,000 students this summer at RUF Summer Conference (SuCo). What an exciting opportunity!

As MNA Sheds of Hope coordinator, John Browne worked alongside the students in January, he thought of the proximity of the SuCo site the active MNA Disaster Response site in Panama City - just 20 miles. Why not build Sheds of Hope during Summer Conference? Within days, approval came through. Who knows how God will use this time of working together to touch the lives of those who already believe, and those who are just on the verge of their journey of faith.

 We look forward to serving Sheds of Hope's ministry at SuCo2019. You can sign up for a time slot by clicking here.