San Diego, CA - SE Master Class: Sexual Trauma: Healing the Sacred Wound - March 12-15, 2017


We are privileged to offer this exclusive SE Master Class with Dr. Peter A. Levine—a rare opportunity to study with the founder of Somatic Experiencing® (SE™). Through our SE Master Class Series, you will gain knowledge and skills in advanced SE applications of special relevance to your professional practice.

The wounds caused by sexual trauma and various forms of abuse leave profound scars that can be of a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual nature. Quite frequently, there is a direct connection between early sexual abuse and problems with immune system dysfunction, depression, anxiety, sexual acting out (or suppression), and various physical syndromes including migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and irritable bowel.

Healing early sexual wounds calls for refined approaches that gradually befriend the body. For individuals with sexual trauma, reestablishing connection with the body is often delicate and challenging. In addition to dealing with trauma per-se, healing also involves resolving cultural and familial barriers as well as over-sexualization, avoidance (“sexual anorexia”), physical vulnerability and boundary ruptures. Quite frequently, traumatizing events occurred at a very early age and have therefore weakened the person's basic trust in other humans, in their own needs, and in their own bodies. Healing, therefore, involves several developmental levels and attachment issues. Perhaps the greatest challenge is the re-awakening of sensuous aliveness. 

The following areas will be addressed in this training:

  • Resolving shock trauma.

  • Sorting through confusion and betrayal.

  • Sensual embodiment, the ability to feel fully at home, alive and at rest in your pelvis and torso, and feel the breathing connection to every other part of your body.

  • The ability to experience sensual embodiment in everyday situations, at the lunch table, in conversations, walking down the street, greeting a friend, etc.

  • An exploration of gentle and friendly flirting, which for children is one of the first playful forms of exchanges involving sexual energy. Adults, however, often misinterpret this form of spontaneous expression and act on it through sexual transgression and boundary violation. Thus, the door to a natural sensuality is closed. The child loses qualities such as the spontaneous gestures of playful joking and smiling at appropriate others. Rediscovering the quality of light-hearted, safe and appropriate flirting, and sensual responsiveness, is an essential step to transforming this deep wounding.

  • Knowledge and appreciation for the ways that sexual hormones differentiate the brains of men and women. 

  • Regaining a state of wholeness at somatic, psychological and transpersonal levels.

Participants will learn how to identify and befriend the intense energies associated with sexual aliveness as well as reversing the suppressing effects of shame, blame and self-hatred. This will be facilitated by tools drawn from Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and NeuroAffective Development.

This training includes guided awareness exercises, live demos, video sessions and practical exercises focusing on application in therapy practice. The participants will learn about approaches from SE and Neuro Affective Development Theory, which can be used to help renegotiate dissociative reactions and resolve contractions and armoring held in the body.  In this way people can rebuild the capacity for sexual responsiveness and intimacy. Old beliefs will be examined and stress patterns, which have persisted for years, can be gently integrated and transformed, enabling a sense of pleasure and wholeness to return.  

Prerequisite: Minimum completion of SE Professional Training Intermediate 1 module.

Optional Case Consultation/Demo Day with Dr. Peter A. Levine on Saturday, March 11, 2017:

Dr. Levine will be offering a full day (2 consult credit hour) group case consultation with live client demos on March 11, 2017 at the same venue for $200. You will have the option to add this onto your registration at check out.  

Do you have a challenging case you would like Dr. Levine to address?

To have your client considered for an on-site, filmed demonstration with Dr. Levine during this Master Class or during the consultation/demo day on March 11, 2017, please email the following information to

  • Client’s name, age, their initial therapeutic goals, and # of sessions you have shared.

  • Your name, scope of practice, and current level of SE training.

  • A brief list of the client’s relevant trauma history, including age at which each event occurred.

  • Brief explanation of what is working for you; include how goals have expanded or changed.

  • Brief explanation of where you feel stuck and how you would like Dr. Levine to help.

​Please view our flyer for more information: San Diego - Master Class - March 2017


  • When

  • Sunday, March 12, 2017 - Wednesday, March 15, 2017

  • Where

  • Bahia Resort Hotel
    998 W. Mission Bay Drive
    San Diego, California 92109

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