SCC California Chapter 2017 Suppliers' Day Exhibition

SCC California Chapter 2017 Suppliers' Day Exhibition

SPEAKER SCHEDULE - Room 103  Free Sessions

Wednesday  10/25/2017

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 The new age of naturals – feeding the Beauty Buyer’s Appetite for“Good-For-You products and ingredient.Denise J. Herich, Co-Founder Benchmarking company -In 2008,

The Benchmarking Company published its 2008 PinkReport: The Age of Naturals, a detailed look at US beauty consumers’ interest, understanding of, buying habits, brand favorites, and pricing thresholds for beauty products claiming to be natural or organic. Fast forward 10 years. Today her interest and level of understanding has changed, and she’s got definite opinions about the ingredients she does and doesn’t want to see on an ingredient label, and the level of efficacy she expects from products claiming to be green. This session will examine the results of brand new primary research, where thousands of US females reveal what they’re looking for in natural beauty, how her interests have changed during the past 10 years, which natural beauty brands have moved the needle, which brands are emerging, and natural products and ingredients she believes will be an important part of her life and purchasing decisions in the next 10 year

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A Look at Sustainability and Deforestation - Carol Mantasoot 

The desire to reduce greenhouse gases and affect the global climate has led to an increasing consumer push for naturally sourced materials in the products that we put on our bodies today.  The drive to save our planet has created debates over what the word “natural” even means.  Various NGO’s have arisen in an attempt to decide which materials are truly natural and the word “natural” itself has evolved to mean safe, good for you or even moral.  Brands and stores have responded to this trend by adopting their own lists of raw materials that are considered acceptable.  As companies fight for the trusted position of authority in the gray area known as the natural market it’s time to ask ourselves, “What is happening to our forests?”.  This thought provoking discussion is aimed at revealing what goes on behind the scenes before a raw material arrives in the hands of a formulator and how ingredient choices made in good faith are impacting our rainforests, it’s species, our climate and human rights. 

1:00 pm


 A cosmetic companies guide to entering the beauty supplement market 

Chris Caires   Perricone MD

Abstract:  Perricone MD has been a leader in both supplements and skincare since its founding 20 years ago.  Learn about how Perricone MD has been able to grow and sustain their supplement business and capitalize on the “beauty from the inside” trend.  The talk will be geared towards cosmetics professionals that want to learn how to navigate some of the rules and regulations to create beauty supplements.

3:00 pm


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3:00 Generation Indie: Younger consumers influence on niche beauty brands –Lauren Goodsitt Director – US Beauty Client Services - Mintel

Who are the Millennial and iGeneration consumers? This presentation will define these two game-changing consumer groups and illustrate their effect on the success of indie beauty brands.

With over 6 years of research experience, Lauren brings expertise in data analysis and trend interpretation. Since joining Mintel in 2014, Lauren has worked with nearly all major beauty brands and companies. She utilizes research to help develop innovative product concepts, understand the landscape of the beauty categories, and to apply relevant industry trends. Lauren has a strong passion for the beauty industry, which furthers the depth of her knowledge. Her command of data and trends, paired with her enthusiasm for the industry, allows her to be a valuable asset to the Mintel beauty portfolio.

4:00 pm

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What to Expect on Three Continents:  China, North America, and the EU Inclusive of Brexit   -

Craig Weiss, President Consumer Product Testing



Thursday 10/26/2017 

 9:00 am Schmelz Ronie compressed Lessons Learned – How to market to “Natural”Products without drawing the Attention of Regulators and Class action Laywers

Ronie Schmelz, Attorney Tucker & Ellis, LLC

I will cover Regulatory Activity (FDA and FTC), Quasi-Regulatory (NAD), Consumer Class Actions, and close with best practices for how to avoid getting in trouble.

  11:00 am  ICMAD   

What to Expect on in these Countries:  India, Mexico & South America 

  12:00 pm craig weiss Advertising Substantiation Class Action   

Craig Weiss, President Consumer Product Testing Laboratory