SCC California Chapter 2017 Suppliers' Day Exhibition

SCC California Chapter 2017 Suppliers' Day Exhibition

Questions & Answers

Question: Show Hours:
  • Wednesday:  October 25th, 2017    10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Thursday:      October 26th, 2017    10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  
A hot lunch buffet will be served from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.  Cash bars and refreshment stations will be available.

Question: Set Up and Tear Down Information
  • Set up time for your booth will be from Tuesday October 24 10:00 AM - 6:00 pm 
  • Tear down will begin immediately following the Exhibition on Thursday, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Question: How Do I Add My Booth Staff?

Have Exhibitor Booth Staff register individually through main registration page during attendee registration.

Click here to Register

Question: Exhibitor Manual:

Exhibitor Manual Link.


Question: Lead Retrieval

 Order your Lead Retreival today:  

The event code is C9D8850607EA.

SSCC LeadCapture order form

 Order Online Now: ( You must create an account to order online) 


Question: Booth Wi Fi Order Form

The wireless service at the Long Beach Convention Center works like a hotel. To connect the exhibitor would follow these steps: Long Beach Flyer - Wireless Products

Option 1.

a)  Connect to the signal labeled either “Exhibitor Internet” in the exhibit hall or “Instant Internet” in the meeting rooms or lobbies.

 b)   Open any web browser and you will be auto directed to the purchase page

 c) Select the number of days and pay by credit card.

Option 2.  Wireless Booth Specific Hot Spot Options

a)Hot Spot Order Forms

Please see the attached Wi-Fi information sheet for more information, thank you.

Question: Hotels

You can find a list of Long Beach Hotels and hotels with discounted rates at: hotels 2017


Question: Food and Beverage - Long Beach Convention Center

Food and Beverage.  Premier is the exclusive food and beverage provider for both concessions and catering at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Premier Food Services requires full payment for all catered services, at least three days prior to the first day of an event. The amount due will be based on total estimated catering orders for the entire event.  Additional services ordered on-site must be guaranteed by credit card.


Deann M.Fruhling

Catering Sales Manager


Catering | Concessions | Special Events

Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach Arena

300 East Ocean Boulevard

| Long Beach | CA 90802
562.499.7562 |




Question: Sponsorship Opportunities

Exclusive Lanyards

Exclusive Wifi Café

Hydration Station

Keynote Speaker

Carpet Decals

Phone Charging Stations

Aisle Signs Logo

Mobile App Rotating Banner Ads

Question: Are There Booth and Height Restrictions?

Yes,  Exhibitor manual will have all height restrictions for show based on your booth location.

Question: COST TO EXHIBIT: Space Available
Answer: Booth cost is $ 2500.00 for a 10 x 10
Booth Size: 10' x 10'
Backwall Drape:
Sidewall Drape:
Table Skirt Color:
Aisle Carpet Color: Pepper
1 - 6' Table, Draped
2 - Plastic Contour Chairs
1 - 500 Watt Outlet
1 - Wastebasket
1 - One line ID sign provided automatically


Question: Payment Options:

You can pay for registration by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or Check. 

Check must be received within 10 days of registering.  Date check received is the date that will be considered as Registration for booth assignment (First come -First Served basis)

Mail check to:
Society of Cosmetic Chemists
c/o Suppliers Day 2017
9029 Airport Blvd
# 91829
Los Angeles, CA 90009
Booths are assigned on a first come first served basis.

Question: Can I bring in my own Food & Beverage or Food & Beverage Vendor?


Food and Beverage.  Premier Food Services is the exclusive food and beverage provider for both concessions and catering at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. 


Minimum guarantees may apply for special services, set-ups and concessions.  Please contact Premier at 562-499-7565 for further information.


Question: Technical Poster Submissions

Fee: $150.00/poster 

Deadline: 9/1/17

Poster Size: 4' x 4' Cork Board (Push Pins will be provided) 
Boards will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.  Boards will be identified by booth number and company name.  
Technical Posters opportunities are only available to exhibiting companies.

Email to:

Technical Poster Template

Question: Media Contacts


Cosmetics Design.COM, USA

     Simon Pitman -

Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine

     Tom Harris -

Global Cosmetic Industry:

      Kim Jednachowski -

HAPPI  Magazine

     Tom Branna


     Johanna Williams        301.728.2724

All Media Contacts above can be contacted directly.

Question: Special Requests:

All requests MUST BE MADE ONLINE and listed in your registration. 

1) I would like to be located near:

2) I would NOT like to be located near:

All requests will be reviewed and Committee will do our best to honor your request.