Service Coordination & Family Assessment - Setting the Stage for Functional IFSP Development


 This multi-day series is specific to the role of the Illinois Early Intervention Service Coordination and the implementation of Family Assessment.  The goal of early intervention is for families to be more confident and competent in supporting their child's unique developmental needs.  The Intake and Family Assessment process offers opportunities to identify what a family is already feeling confident about and what they hope to achieve through early intervention.

This linked training series offers Service Coordinators an opportunity to dig deeper into Family Assessment through Ecomaps, the ASQ-SE-2 and 7 behavioral areas,  and the Routines Based Interview.  The rich information gathered in these processes can assist in identifying evaluation/assessment teams as well as providing the foundation for a functional IFSP.

Participants will use videotaping as a strategy to observe and reflect upon their strengths and ideas for next steps.  Reading and reflective activities between sessions will be used to complement the face-to-face learning sessions with EI credit provided.

Participation in all five days of training, plus the reading and reflective activities are required to receive 30 contact hours of IL Early Intervention Credit.  Partial credit will not be awarded.

The 5 face-to-face sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Session 1 - Friday, August 16th
  • Session 2 - Thursday, September 19th
  • Session 3 - Friday, October 11th
  • Session 4 - Friday, November 1st
  • Session 5 - Thursday, November 21st

Credit Information

 Level of Learning


EI Principles Addressed

1. Support Families:2. Active Participation:3. Collaborative Relationships:4. Specific Goals:5. Comprehensive Plans:6. Periodic Monitoring:7. Quality Services

Early Intervention Credential Credit

Upon the successful completion of the 5-day training series, including supplemental reading and reflective activities, participants will be awarded 30 contact hours of IL Early Intervention Credential Credit as follows:

10 contact hours in the Area of Assessment

7 contact hours in the Area of Atypical Child Development

7 contact hours in the Area of Typical Child Development

6 contact hours in the Area of Intervention

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    4450 N Prospect Suite
    Peoria Heights, Illinois 61616

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