Sessions 1 and 2

Spiritual Warfare
Is it real? Come find out...prepare yourself for battle and learn how put on the armor of God. 

Empty Nesting
Thriving in seasons of change by building on the past, living in the present and looking forward to the future.  

Ministry Wives...How Can We Make A Difference?
What do you really believe about ministry? What do you believe about that unlovable church member? How can your words make the difference in another person's life?  Join us as we talk about the simple things that can make a huge difference in the lives around us...whether it be in our own family or in the church body. God can use you in a powerful way! 

Gratitude - In Everything Give Thanks?
The secret to living a full life of joy and thanksgiving can be found in the details--The little things add ups to a big heart.

Tightening the Marriage Knot 
This session will discuss biblical principles to aid in tightening the marriage knot.

Identity in Christ 
Who am I? Where IS my hope when depression happens? Encouragement and discussion regarding the depression in lives of Christian women: leaders, and those they lead.

Titus 2 Mentoring – FRIDAY ONLY
We all have influence whether we like it or not. Who has made the biggest impact in your life? Come learn how to influence other in day-to-day life mentoring.

Living a Bold Life Faith in Everyday Life
Have you ever wished your faith was bold like the people you read about in scripture or throughout history? Be challenged and encouraged to live a bold faith in your everyday life as a leader through this discussion of what we can learn from those who have gone before us.

Leading Women to be Disciples
A disciple of Jesus Christ is not born; a disciple is developed. Discipleship requires focus, time, and commitment which reaps deeply rich spiritual benefits. Discipleship is not a Bible study, it’s much, much more.  Becoming a disciple will impact your life for eternity.  

I Will Not Fear or Be Apathetic to the Lost in My Community
It’s time to take back what belongs to the church – Christian service in the community. Christian women have been paralyzed by fear and apathy. Our lack of action has caused a huge void in society. The government throws money at the problem, but what does God do? Psalm 68:5 tells us, “A father to the fatherless, a defender of the widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”

Single Women & the Church
More people than ever before are single in our nation. (And that’s not a bad thing.) However, this means the demographic has changed not only for our culture, but also for the local church. This prompts the question – What does the church do with singles in the pews? Join us as we explore what the Bible says about singleness, what our culture promotes to singles and how the church should reach and minister to singles.

Practically Serving Others
If we want our voices to be heard in a post-Christian society, we need to serve in outwardly, tangible ways. Learn how to practically show God’s love, allowing people to see our hearts so they will listen to our message of hope.

How to Serve the Single Mom
Statistics show us 50% of all babies are born into single-parent homes. How can the church reach out, connect and serve these mothers and children? This session will give you a platform to start up a single mom ministry and ideas for meeting their unique needs.

Knowing Who I Am Because of Whose I Am
Building a leadership team is a daunting task, whether you are starting from scratch or already have a partial team in place. Knowing who the women are and placing them accordingly is crucial! But where do I start? What should I look for in team members? How do I know if they will be a good fit? There are some essentials to making wise choices in building a team of leaders. Join us as we explore the essentials, look at possibilities in embracing different structures and management styles, and create an environment where service and growth-both personally and as a team-are the cultural norm. Watch your team grow and become more effective as leaders as a result of embracing these tried and true fundamental principles!

Sold Out Followers?...FRIDAY ONLY
All out or nothing is the battle cry. You are either in or out with no middle ground for the Christian woman who desires to serve and please God with her life. God’s heart is filled with compassion toward us! Is your heart filled with compassion for the women you minister to? What is required of me and how does God develop this ministry in me?  

Sessions 3 and 4

Jesus did not say, “If you fast...”; He said, “When you fast.”  Yet, many Christians have not learned to embrace the empowerment that fasting brings to their prayer life.  Fasting is a spiritual discipline that Jesus practiced.  If you are serious about prayer, you should follow Jesus’ example and learn to fast as well.  

A Christian Woman’s Arsenal: Her Testimony and God’s Word
Every Christian woman has two powerful things which will impact the lost world, her testimony of how she was born again and God’s word that empowers her each day.

#fightinglies: The Importance of a Biblical Worldview
Women are constantly being pelted with expectations, lies from our culture, movements, campaigns on social media and the list goes on and on. But how do we know what is true and what is false? How do we fight these battles? Join us as we discuss a worldview based on Scripture and the impact our worldview has on our everyday lives.

Staying Strong in the Battle
The battle is real and the time is now to suit up and stand strong. God’s battle strategy will allow us to be armed and walk in truth.

Finding Rest as a Single Mom
Hey, single mommas! Do you find yourself stretched thin and craving rest? Do you look at your calendar and feel overwhelmed with activities, leaving no time for family connections? Join me as we open God’s word and seek out rest and restoration for you and your family.

Godly Leading
Learning leadership lessons through the life of Queen Esther. 

Women-It’s All About Connection
As women we crave relationships! In our busy world, how can we help women connect with other women in meaningful ways? Join us as we discuss events, small groups and one-on-one connections which build those connections and deepen us in Christ. 

The Things That Remain--Finding stability in an Ever Changing World
The world around us is forever changing, personally and in ministry as well-- Where our focus is makes all the difference in how we handle the inevitable.

Christian Parenting Modeled After God the Father
This session will explore how a study and application of God the Father’s love for his children can enrich the Christian parent.

Basics of Women’s Ministry
“My church needs a women’s ministry, so—where do I begin?”  If this is the question in your heart today, then this is the session for you! Not a 1-2-3, but basics upon which to build a firm foundation for ministry to women in your local church.

Engaging the Millennials 
Learn about the next gens and how to reach them in your Women’s Ministry.

Leading when the People are Hurting or Dealing with Crisis 
Things are not always smooth in your life as a leader or in the lives of those you lead. So what do you do? How do you lead when crisis hits and the people are hurting? Learn some practical principles straight from scripture that can help you lead well in the tough times.

Establishing a Prayer Ministry
Ideas & tips on starting & maintaining a prayer ministry.

Identity Theft
Many have their identities stolen and there is little that can be done to stop this theft; however, there is a more urgent problem with identity theft among believers we must deal with. This theft is from Satan, the father of lies. He is stealing the true identity of who we are in Christ by his use of lies to render us ineffective as women in the kingdom. We must realize we cannot allow him to rob us of our effectiveness as leaders! But we also must stop him from stealing our joy! Learn to dissolve Satan’s lies with the truth of the word and become victorious in serving him.

“Do Over” - ​SESSION 3 ONLY
Have you ever wished you had a chance for a “do-over”? My guess would be you would say, “YES”! Either in your work, with a family member, a friend, a life choice, a word said, or even in the area of ministry.
Our God understands your yearning and he has made a way for us to “live new”! 
Allow me to share how we can experience a fresh start, a life-changing, forever do-over right where we are today!
I’m coming with my heart wide open and asking you to do the same!

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