Sherman College of Chiropractic Lyceum 2017

Auto Approval/DC Self States

The Auto Approval states accept credits approved by CCE Accredited College. (Good news! Sherman College is one of these!) You can attend any session listed with "Applied for CE Credit" on the schedule and earn CE credits. Keep in mind if your state requires certain topics - these may be offered over the course of Lyceum!

DC Self states place the responsibility on the DC. It is your responsibility to know what counts for credits in your state. Many accept hours approved by CCE Accredited Colleges as well, however you may have extra rules that certain topics may not count. Be sure to know your state rules before attending!

States Applied To

Individual State Approvals: please check the list below for the status of your state/province. Up to 50 hours were applied for most states (with a maximum of 22 hours attainable for Lyceum Weekend). Not all sessions will be approved in every state due to varying laws. This list will be updated as approvals are received. Once approved, click on your state name for specific session approvals.

  • Alabama - Approved #700140  50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Alaska - PENDING 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Arizona - PENDING 14/14hrs Max
  • Arkansas - Approved #AR6530  50hrs/22hrs Max
  • California - Approved 41hrs/21hrs Max
  • Florida - Approved #20-563505  46hrs/22hrs Max
  • Hawaii - Approved #HI17-072  48hrs/22hrs Max
  • Kansas - Approved 44hrs/22hrs Max
  • Kentucky - Approved 46hrs/22hrs Max
  • Louisiana - Approved #2017-4  50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Maine - Approved #2430 Cat. 1- 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Minnesota - Approved 46hrs/22hrs Max
  • Missouri - Approved 46hrs/22hrs Max
  • Nevada - Approved #NV19-107  50hrs/22hrs Max
  • New Hampshire - Approved #9262 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • New Jersey - Approved #1702-24 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • New Mexico - PENDING 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • New York - Approved #NYSCB789  50hrs/22hrs Max
  • North Carolina - Approved 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • North Dakota - Approved 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Oklahoma - Approved 50hrs/8hrs Max for DCs (Out of State)
  • Pennsylvania - Approved #DCE000525 48hrs/22hrs Max
  • South Carolina - Approved 52hrs/22hrs Max
  • South Dakota - Approved 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Tennessee - Approved #TN17C1014 28hrs/19hrs Max
  • Texas - Approved #P07-7973  43hrs/19hrs Max
  • West Virginia - Approved 50hrs/22hrs Max
  • Wisconsin - PENDING 50hrs/22hrs Max


  • Alberta - Approved #3441 38hrs/22hrs Max
  • Nova Scotia - PENDING 50hrs/22hrs Max - Contact the Nova Scotia board to finalize approval of this seminar
  • Saskatchewan - Approved 40hrs/20hrs Max